“Vote for Haley” says Casey Abrams

Casey Abrams doesn’t seem all that sad about being voted off American Idol last week, and in fact he has now given his full support to Haley Reinhart.  Casey and Haley have both denied that they’re in a romantic relationship – Casey says he simply thinks Haley is the most talented of the five remaining contestants.

Internet polls seem to disagree, however – it seems that rocker James Durbin is the current favorite to win, and Haley is pretty consistently at the bottom of the poll standings, sometimes trading places with Jacob Lusk, whom voters also seem to think is likely to go home soon.  We’ll see who’s right later this week!

5 thoughts on ““Vote for Haley” says Casey Abrams”

  1. James is an over dramatic Adam Lambert wannabe.

    Jacob should go into musical theater, where loud shrill, sustaining voices are needed to fill the voluminous theater space.

    Scotty is a one-trick pony farmboy with a good voice. He’ll do well.

    Lauren is a sweet young thang who is a one-trick ponyette. She’ll do well.

    Haley. Ah, Haley. Voice, versatile style, musical saavy, sly seductress… earmarks of a class act…that’s why she won’t win.

  2. Ah, Ice9… how stuck you seem to be on Haley. James is a better singer than Lambert ever was, and I am a HUGE lambert fan. Haley is the wannabe. Trying to sound cutsey and growly and pretended to be in love with Casey to get some votes. It worked because she got her eyesrightnexttoeachother butt out of the bottom three for a while, but she is a total stuck up princess who pouts every time she gets any criticism from the judges. She needs to get over herself before she can even THINK about moving on. Casey deserved to win, James deserved to come in second or even tie… the rest are below, including Haley who is not a seductress in any way shape or form, no matter how overly hard she tries to be. It’s sad.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, she is an AMAZING singer, but she tries to hard and she looks pissed every time the judges say anything that isn’t praise. Everyone gets the criticism – just take it and grow with it. I really think she could rise to the top if she didn’t look so annoyed every time she doesn’t get her butt kissed. When she sang Benny and the Jets I was astounded. Some other songs aren’t that great, even though she has great talent. But her attitude is very lacking – she gets this total evil look on her on her face if it isn’t a glowing review from a judge. Even if they are just critiquing the song and not her actual voice. It’s a surefire ticket home. All I’m saying.

  4. Actually, I recant my ahole statement about “pretended to be in love with”. That wasn’t fair, and I have no idea who feels what. Totally uncalled for and I apologize. I just can’t stand a lack of humility, I suppose. To ANY contestant of this show… no matter how awesome you felt you sang your song, just nod and say “Okay” if you get criticism (which most of them seem to do). Just keep a Madagascar mantra… “Just smile and wave boys… smile and wave”. ;P

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