Was January Jones Drinking Before Car Wreck?

Mad Men star January Jones allegedly lost control of her car Thursday night and slammed into three parked cars, causing some major damage to the vehicles. Jones told police she was being chased by paparazzi before she crashed.

January Jones on 'Mad Men' (AMC)

Jones also claims she fled the scene of the accident because photographers were harassing her. Turns out, however, Jones’ story about the whole incident may have a few glaring holes.

According to TMZ.com, January Jones told police paparazzi had been trailing her when she lost control of her Range Rover and struck three parked cars. She also allegedly said she left the scene for 45 minutes because the photographers wouldn’t leave her alone. Jones reportedly walked home to call 911, but later returned – allegedly wearing different clothing and chewing gum.

Witnesses at the scene, however, allegedly told TMZ.com no one saw any photographers around anywhere after the crash. In addition, at least one allegedly said they smelled alcohol on Jones before she left the scene.

Police did not administer an alcohol test on Jones after the wreck. Since she went home before police arrived on the scene, there would have been no way to verify that she didn’t drink while she was gone and any test would have been invalid.

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