Was Obama Nobel Peace Prize Win Deserved?

The announcement on Friday of President Barack Obama‘s Nobel Peace Prize win came as a shock to many Americans. Overwhelmingly, the media – and the public – seem to be asking one pointed question. Did President Obama really deserve to win the Nobel?


“It is a bold statement of international support for his vision and commitment to peace and harmony in international relations,” former Peace Prize winner and President Jimmy Carter said in a press statement.

Vision is one thing, but many are questioning if just envisioning peace is enough to deserve a hefty honor like the Nobel Peace Prize. Especially when America is still embroiled in seemingly never-ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For a president less than a year into his term, receiving the Nobel Peace Prize is quite an endorsement to live up to. Whether or not the history books will show the Nobel Prize committee were prophets or political pawns remains to be seen.

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2 thoughts on “Was Obama Nobel Peace Prize Win Deserved?”

  1. This is completely ridiculous!!! This actually degrades and cheapens those great people who have won this in the past!!!

    Don’t get me wrong – I LIKE PRESIDENT OBAMA!

    The problem is – this award is for stuff ALREADY accomplished – NOT what one has stated that thy wish to accomplish in the future!!!!

    Why give it to him this year? Plain and simple – he just has not had the time needed to get these things done yet!!! What about other presidents – one such example is President Ronald Reagan who ended the cold war and stopped communism!!!

    Obviously, some kinds of politics are at play here behind the scenes! Probably in response to both the people and the media criticizing Obama over the past few weeks about NOT ACCOMPLISHING ANYTHING SINCE HE TOOK OFFICE!!!!!

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