Was Tiger Woods Drinking Before Bizarre Crash?

A newly released document that has just come to light indicates police wanted to know if Tiger Woods had been drinking before his bizarre car crash on Nov. 27. According to the report, Florida cops wanted to obtain medical records from Woods’ visit to a local hospital to see if he had alcohol or drugs in his system.

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The Orlando state attorney reportedly denied a subpoena request from the Florida Highway Patrol to obtain blood results from Woods’ visit to the Health Central Hospital following his accident. The state attorney stated there was “insufficient information” provided by police to grant a subpoena for the medical records.

The subpoena request details a witness at the scene of the accident said Tiger Woods “had consumed alcohol earlier in the day… and was prescribed medication (Ambien and Vicatin [sic]). The witness was reportedly the same person who dragged Tiger Woods from the car following his accident.

Published reports agree widely that the person who freed Woods was his wife, Elin Nordegren Woods. So basically, Woods’ wife apparently told cops he might have been loaded before the crash.

Tiger Woods was later cited for careless driving and charged a $164 ticket for the incident. The golfer never did speak to police following the incident. Many theorize he refused to talk to the cops to hide his facial injuries from authorities because some (or all) of them might have been inflicted by his wife – and not the car crash. Mrs. Woods was rumored to have been quite pissed off by rumors of his affairs in the tabloids prior to the wreck.

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  1. Look folks, Tiger is a normal person too outside the fact he’s the best athelete on the planet. Fact is when he goes home he has a family just like the rest of u rubberneckers! He made a mistake , one that many men would or could have very easily made ,men like women if u don’t your gay he had an attraction (well almost a fatal one) but still it only matters what Elin thinks so get off his a@s people hey Tiger , keep on truckin I hope your wife forgives u n u get thru this. Rustola from Glenpool OK

  2. Any cheating jerk (whether he is famous or not) deserves whatever he gets. I hope his wife takes him to the cleaners.

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