Watch The New Hannah Montana Movie Trailer! OMG!

Well, kiddies, the appointed time is fast approaching…so Disney’s released the official trailer for the Hannah Montana movie. So much drama! Miley and Ty-Ty Banks have a shoe fight! Miley gets grounded! Miley has to pack away her busted weave! Miley makes everyone think Tennessee is one big farm! What Snarkista can’t wait for, however, is…how much face time will Snarkista Jr. have?! Guess we’ll have to go watch the movie in April like everyone else. Here’s the sneak peak!

5 thoughts on “Watch The New Hannah Montana Movie Trailer! OMG!”

  1. heyy you know wat, i hate you soo much ur songs are soo lame, jus like freakin ‘best of both worlds’ well ya i hate you okay soo gett out of my life okay.. cuz every time i go 2 da freakin store i see ever thing or freakin hanhhana motnana okay you know wat i dont even care if i dont know how 2 spell ur freakin name okay nd anyways i love selena gomez she rockz nd geuss wat you suckkkkkkkkk….

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