Weird News: Anthony Toth Builds Pan Am Cabin in Garage

Talk about obsession! California resident Anthony Toth has spent $50,000 to recreate a first-class Pan Am cabin inside his garage. The 42-year-old employee of United Airlines spent more than 20 years building his replica Pan Am cabin in what has to be one of the weirdest hobbies ever.

Anthony Toth in his Pan Am Cabin - photo: 'Wall Street Journal'

Pan Am World Airways went bankrupt in 1991, just a few years after a Pan Am flight was blown up by terrorists over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 people on board. Still, even with the airline’s morbid history, Anthony Toth dedicated nearly half his life bringing a bit of the defunct Pan Am name back to life in his garage.

Why? Well, apparently Anthony Toth fell in love with Pan Am at an early age when his family used to fly on the airline to see relatives overseas. “There was no other aircraft I could walk on board that intrigued me more than the Pan Am cabin,” Toth told the Wall Street Journal. “The brand was so powerful… They had this uncompromising standard of service.”

Toth hopes one day he can turn his bizarre garage creation into a museum. Oh, and Toth is notably single – not too surprising there…

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  1. I was going to email this to you! You beat me to it! I want one — but it should be better than even Spider Robinson’s moon shuttle comfort expectations.

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