Weird News: Giant Ohio Touchdown Jesus Statue Destroyed by Lightning

A giant statue of Christ in Ohio known as Touchdown Jesus was destroyed in a fire on Monday after it was struck by lightning. The six story statue was built in 2004 on the grounds of the Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio.

Touchdown Jesus Statue in Monroe, Ohio (Solid Rock Church)
Touchdown Jesus statue in Monroe, Ohio (Solid Rock Church)

The Touchdown Jesus Statue is officially dubbed King of Kings but earned its nickname due to the somewhat odd pose of the Christ figure’s arms – upraised like a referee signaling a football touchdown. The statue is also sometimes referred to as the Big Butter Jesus due to its color and the song about it by comedian Heywood Banks.

Some other nicknames for the Ohio Jesus statue include Giant Jesus, 8-Ball Jesus, Big J, Super Jesus, MC 62-Foot Jesus, Drowning Jesus, Quicksand Jesus, Swamp Jesus.

Lightning reportedly struck the statue Monday night, sparking a fire that consumed the Styrofoam and fiberglass structure. All that remains is part of the statue’s metal frame. The aftermath of the lightning fire has also sparked a new nickname for the statue – Terminator Jesus.

The fire spread from the statue to a nearby amphitheater and caused minor damage but no one was injured. The statue, which was totally destroyed, originally cost about $250,000 to build.

The Touchdown Jesus Ohio statue, located just north of Cincinnati along Interstate 75, was one of the best known landmarks in southwest Ohio. No word yet on whether the church plans to rebuild the giant Jesus.

>> Update:  Giant Ohio Touchdown Jesus Statue Will Be Rebuilt

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19 thoughts on “Weird News: Giant Ohio Touchdown Jesus Statue Destroyed by Lightning”

  1. It seems that Jesus borrowed dad’s car, stayed out too late, and brought it home on Empty!

  2. I think its great that they want to rebuild the statue; I think the money could benefit the community in greater ways than drawing attention to a statue that had too many nick names.

  3. How about instead of using the money to build another distracting monstrosity, the church could spend the money within the community, saving homeless families, creating a food bank, offering college scholarships or providing supplementary medical funding. THAT would be doing God’s work and showing your love and devotion. This is an opportunity for Solid Rock Church to “redeem” themselves from being a sad national punchline to an enlightened inspirational organization.

  4. I think if it’s god is telling them to rebuild the statue then that’s on them… Now for anyone to judge on how the church is spending the money is wrong. I feel that if they prayed about it even though there are numerous of things that the money could be spent on they are doing the right thing if it’s GOD’s will. How can you or I say what Gods work or will is for them? You are not God and neither am I…. And I know that we all spend our money foolishly at times. THat statue Got people talking about JEsus… For whatever reason it was built i am unsure, but at least people talks about JEsus…

  5. well brandi not trying to argue at all, but how can something be Gods will when its clearly stated that there should be no graven images? which would be going against the 10 commandments. now why would that be in God’s will? i dont think God contradicts himself. just sayin.

  6. $250,000 To build original Touchdown Jesus
    $700,000 in Damages
    $300,000 to rebuild a big & better Touchdown Jesus

    Proving to your congregation you have nothing better to do with their offerings than distract drivers…PRICELESS!!!

  7. NOt trying to argue but who says that is a graven image? I never worshiped it…. THerefore it is not an idol… We make idols out of things every day.. Computers for one.. ANything we put before the Lord is considered an idol.. ANd as far as you go Josh how about cell phones and eating and whatever… I mean come on there are numerous of things that distract drivers but yet you’re not crying band that?…. A statue of Jesus is obviously offensive to you and you don’t liek for people to talk about the Lord and I feel sorry for anybody who judges for how you judge you will be judged the same way..

  8. Brandi,
    In order to explain your defense, and sound intelligent, a useful tool is to use good grammar. Check the bible.

  9. I know what the bible says… You obviously need to check the bible agian.. I don’t care much about my grammer and neither does the Lord… I am not trying to impress anyone I’m defending the truth… And you need a better come back than attacking my grammer verses attacking what I said… Makes no sense.

  10. Wow. I really don’t see why you are all attacking Brandy. She said nothing about anyone of you, only stating her invited opinion like the rest of everyone on here. Just goes to show people would rather argue about things that shouldn’t be argued.
    It would be nice to see people comment without attacking one another. But the end is near, and yes, this may be a sign, or it no, it may not. But the devil knows his time is short and right here shows he is working overtime by causing people who do not even know each other possibly to argue and judge.
    You’re only letting Satan win.

  11. Thanks LeeLee… I wasn’t trying to argue.. It is sad how everyone would rather turn something into an arguement than anything else.. The end is coming and instead of argueing over petty things we should be spreading the message and praying for the unsaved. People see this type of stuff going on withing churchs and they’d rather stay away than to come in and in the end the christians will pay for not loving one another and uniting as one to fight the enemy instead of fighting against each other..
    The Lord is good… ANd I am sorry to anyone I have offended. Jesus came with love and we should do as he says and love one another…

  12. That was nice LeeLee, All I want to say is let us just pray for God’s will as the end is near, we need to pray a lot and not let satan win the battle. We all have to fight for the Lord. He had created us to love Him serve Him and praise Him. God bless you all

  13. Faith means professing a belief for which there is no credible evidence whatsoever. Do not be afraid when I tell you that there are no supernatural worlds nor supernatural beings of any kind. Please stand up and free yourself from all religious nonsense.

  14. God is not about all that “self first” stuff. “Touchdown Jesus” is not what God want His Son to be portrayed as. God is simple and grand, some statue/sculpture of God only eclipses the reality of who He is. Americas pride and love of sports/brutality is making God angry. We are like Babylon and Rome. Yes the end is near, Christians need to come together and show the world that God does exist. Faith is not blind. God has given His Word, His Son, His Nature, His Spirit, His Providence… God is a reality, we see Him in churches and homeless shelters. It takes more faith to believe we all just “happened”.. Come Lord Jesus!

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