A giant statue of Christ in Ohio known as Touchdown Jesus was destroyed in a fire on Monday after it was struck by lightning. The six story statue was built in 2004 on the grounds of the Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio.

Touchdown Jesus Statue in Monroe, Ohio (Solid Rock Church)

Touchdown Jesus statue in Monroe, Ohio (Solid Rock Church)

The Touchdown Jesus Statue is officially dubbed King of Kings but earned its nickname due to the somewhat odd pose of the Christ figure’s arms – upraised like a referee signaling a football touchdown. The statue is also sometimes referred to as the Big Butter Jesus due to its color and the song about it by comedian Heywood Banks.

Some other nicknames for the Ohio Jesus statue include Giant Jesus, 8-Ball Jesus, Big J, Super Jesus, MC 62-Foot Jesus, Drowning Jesus, Quicksand Jesus, Swamp Jesus.

Lightning reportedly struck the statue Monday night, sparking a fire that consumed the Styrofoam and fiberglass structure. All that remains is part of the statue’s metal frame. The aftermath of the lightning fire has also sparked a new nickname for the statue – Terminator Jesus.

The fire spread from the statue to a nearby amphitheater and caused minor damage but no one was injured. The statue, which was totally destroyed, originally cost about $250,000 to build.

The Touchdown Jesus Ohio statue, located just north of Cincinnati along Interstate 75, was one of the best known landmarks in southwest Ohio. No word yet on whether the church plans to rebuild the giant Jesus.

>> Update:  Giant Ohio Touchdown Jesus Statue Will Be Rebuilt

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