Weird News: Giant Ohio Touchdown Jesus Statue Will Be Rebuilt

A giant statue of Christ in Ohio known as Touchdown Jesus will be rebuilt after it was rather ironically struck by lightning and destroyed Monday night. The King of Kings statue, as it was officially called by the Solid Rock Church where it stood, burned to the ground Monday night after being struck by lightning.

Touchdown Jesus statue in Monroe, Ohio (Drust/Flickr)
Touchdown Jesus statue in Monroe, Ohio (Drust/Flickr)

Church officials announced Tuesday they plan to resurrect the statue, nicknamed Touchdown Jesus because of the statue’s odd pose. The giant Jesus statue, also known as Big Butter Jesus for its creamy color, has stood as a regional landmark in Monroe, Ohio along interstate 74 just north of Cincinnati since 2004.

According to Monroe police, lightning appears to have struck the right hand of the giant Touchdown Jesus statue, sparking a fire that rapidly consumed the Styrofoam and fiberglass structure. (Watch video of the Touchdown Jesus fire here.)

While some may not find this all that amusing, we couldn’t help but laugh at a portion of the 911 calls over the Touchdown Jesus fire.

Caller: Reports a “bolt of lightning” has hit the statue.

Dispatcher: “Jesus is on fire”

Caller: “I swear to God, this not a prank … I am serious. I just saw it get struck by lightning.”

Dispatcher: “I believe you.”

Caller: “I know it’s not funny, but literally his one hand is on fire.”

Another Caller: “Lightning hit the touchdown Jesus monument, it’s flaming.”

People from all over the world have reportedly been calling the Solid Rock Church in Ohio about the Touchdown Jesus fire. We’re pretty sure they won’t have too hard of a time raising funds to get him rebuilt pronto.

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11 thoughts on “Weird News: Giant Ohio Touchdown Jesus Statue Will Be Rebuilt”

  1. the statue was different. I think the money that’s raised could benefit the community by being put to better use. Rebuilding the statue wont put food on the table or clothes on someones child for school.

  2. Sure it will. It will give jobs and put food on the table for many in the construction and materials industry in the area who built/build it. They dont just pay the 250k and it magically appears.

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  4. It shouldn’t cost $250,000. I don’t understand why it did. There was no detail and everything was out of proportion. (Not just saying because I was to rebuild it. Just stating fact)

  5. I think it is sad that churches spend so much money are things that are unnecessary. That money could be put to better use in the community.

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