Weird News: Mystery Giant Eyeball Photo Spurs Speculation of Aliens

A mysterious giant eyeball washed up on a Florida beach Wednesday has led some to speculate on the existence of a unknown watery alien species. However, the giant mystery eyeball is probably just the creepy remains of a huge squid, or possibly a really hefty swordfish.

The vividly blue giant mystery eyeball washed up on Pompano Beach north of Fort Lauderdale and was found by a beach walker. Gino Cavacci, the person who discovered the huge eyeball, said it was “very very fresh. It was still bleeding when I put it in the plastic bag.”

So, not only is the giant eyeball photo just creepy to begin with, but the thing was apparently freshly ripped out of its owners head when it rolled up on the beach.

“The FWC Tequesta Field Lab received a call that a citizen from Pompano Beach found what appeared to be a giant eye,” the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission said in a press statement. “Our staff in South Florida picked it up and placed it on ice. It will be sent for possible identification.” The giant eyeball is currently being examined at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in St. Petersburg.

A spokesperson for the FWC told NBC News that researchers will hopefully be able to determine the origin of the giant eyeball without too much difficulty. Actually, she went right for the pun and said that maybe researchers would be able to “eyeball it” and determine the origin. I can hear her giggling in her head while she was saying it. The spokesperson added that although initially the mass speculation was that it came from a giant squid, it is more likely from “a large fish.”

I’m still preferring the alien theory. I, for one, welcome our new alien giant eyeball overlord…

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