Weird News: Phillies Fan Tasered After Run Onto Field

A 17-year-old Phillies fan was tasered after running onto the field Monday night during the Philadelpia versus St. Louis game. Police are now investigating if security personnel took things a bit too far in their effort to subdue the spirited fan.

Phillies Fan SF

A Phillies fan getting tasered for being stupid enough to run across the field during a game isn’t much in the way of news. What makes this whole thing precious is, of course, the incident was caught on video for everyone to enjoy.

You have to feel bad for the poor guy who got tasered just for pulling a silly stunt. The real fun, however, is watching how the players on the field react. Yes, that does appear to be first baseman Ryan Howard trying to stifle giggles with his glove while the fan gets shocked and dragged off the field.

We aren’t the type to laugh at a poor guy being put in pain, but we can chuckle at the guy laughing over a random Phillies fan getting tasered mid-game.

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