Weird News: Real Snakes on a Plane Smuggler Caught in Argentina

Now, Snakes on a Plane is one of the most outlandish, ridiculous and hilarious films ever made, but it is definitely not one you ever want to see recreated in real life! Apparently one Czech man in Argentina nearly brought Snakes on a Plane to living color when he tried to board a flight with a suitcase full of 247 snakes, lizards and mollusks.

Can you just imagine what would have happened if this crazy snake smuggler had managed to get on board and either intentionally or accidentally loosed them in the cabin mid-flight? Holy Samuel Jackson! Motherf*$%in’ snakes on a motherf*$%in’ plane all over the place!

Thankfully, the man was caught by airport officials when an x-ray scan found “organic substances” inside his luggage. When the bag was opened, officials found hundreds of snakes, lizards and other creatures packaged in clear containers — including poisonous varieties!

Two of the noxious creatures were reportedly deceased when the bag was opened due to lack of oxygen. Some of the animals were rare and under legal protection. The authorities believe the man may have been connected to a smuggling ring for exotic species. The man will now face up to ten years in prison for his failed smuggling attempt.

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