Viral Videos: Ronald McDonald Taco Bell Breakfast Commercial

Apparently Taco Bell is so much more tasty than McDonalds that even the company’s namesake is shelling for the fast food joint! Say hello to not just one Taco Bell Breakfast loving Ronald McDonald, but 25 of them from coast to coast.

Taco Bell Ronald McDonald

I have to give props to Taco Bell for coming up with an inventive, and kind of overtly insulting, method of advertising their product. Without violating anyone’s copyrights or trademarks, Taco Bell basically used the power of the McDonalds empire to advertise a competing fast food chain. That’s pretty damn smart.

Of course, Taco Bell slaps up a happy little disclaimer at the end of the video, which has now gone viral. The disclaimer states, in tiny white letters, that these “Ronald McDonalds are not affiliated with McDonald’s Corporation and were individually selected as paid endorsers of Taco Bell Breakfast, but man, they sure did love it.”

Clever, Taco Bell. Very clever. And damnit. Now all I can think about is how far away the nearest Taco Bell is…

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