Whale Wars Sea Shepherd New Boat Ady Gil Destroyed by Whalers

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, featured in the Animal Planet reality show Whale Wars, was struck a nasty blow this week when Japanese Whalers allegedly rammed and sank one of their new boats, the Ady Gil. 

Sea Shepherd Ady Gil Damage
Sea Shepherd Ady Gil Damage

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is well known for their often controversial tactics in blocking the Japanese fishing fleet from killing and processing whales between Antarctica and Australia. They have claimed to be responsible for damaging and even sinking several whaling vessels during their protests of whaling in the Southern Ocean. The Sea Shepherds claim the Japanese fleet is whaling for profit under the guise of scientific research. The Japanese government denies these claims.

The Sea Shepherd organization recently added two new boats to their fleet of anti-whaling vessels, including the Bob Barker – named for The Price of Right host, who donated $5 million to the cause. The Bob Barker came in handy when the Sea Shepherd group was forced to rescue the crew of their other new boat, the Ady Gil, after it was allegedly rammed by a Japanese whaling vessel this week.


The Ady Gil was severely damaged during the alleged ramming incident, virtually slashed in half by the impact. The Sea Shepherds claim the Japanese vessel intentionally rammed the Ady Gil. “In an unprovoked attack captured on film, the Japanese security ship Shonan Maru No. 2 deliberately rammed and caused catastrophic damage to the Sea Shepherd catamaran Ady Gil,” Captain Paul Watson said in a press statement.

The Japanese Fisheries Agency said the Sea Shepherd group was to blame in the incident. “This is a continuation of the harassment of the Japanese research whaling program by Sea Shepherd and it is extremely dangerous to threaten vessels and its crew. This is absolutely unforgivable.”

We’ve watched the Sea Shepherds do some pretty crazy stuff in their battle against the alleged whalers. Regardless of who really is at fault in this latest incident, the next season of Whale Wars is sure to be packed with plenty of drama!

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49 thoughts on “Whale Wars Sea Shepherd New Boat Ady Gil Destroyed by Whalers”

  1. The whaling done in the Antartic sanctuary for phony “scientific” reasons is disgusting. Long live Sea Shepherd. I am 76 years old and have fought for the whales for a long time, can’t believe this is still going on.

  2. ABOUT TIME! Next, let’s see a Hellfire through their other ships. They’re terrorists.

  3. Wow. Sucks for the the illegal whalers. It’s been less than 24 hours and I’ve already raised $2240 US dollars for the Sea Shepards. I say sink those fucking Whaling boats and put and end to their ignorance. I bet I can raise another $5000 by the end of the week. What an embarrassment for the country of japan. And remember how far does a japanese whaling boat go? All the way to the bottom. But we’ll save their crew members before it sinks because we have compassion. Aloha

  4. Thanks for covering this, Snark Food. I generally support the Sea Shepherd & captain Watson’s efforts to save the whales. But I’m always worried someone’s gonna get hurt. Sorry to hear about the loss of the Ady Gil, and thank goodness for the Bob Barker! Let’s keep pressuring Greenpeace to support these guys! Support the Sea Shepherds!

  5. The “Sea Shepherds” are eco-terrorists, plain and simple. Btw, so is green peace. There are other ways of protesting that do not endanger the lives of others. If they do not like the fact that the Japanese are acting with in their rights as dictated by international law, then they need to lobby to have the law changed. Harassing the whalers, and using terroristic tactics will not get the whalers to stop, it may just make them even more determined.

    ter·ror·ism (tÄ›r’É™-rÄ­z’É™m)
    n. The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.

    Maybe we need to look into why the Japanese hate whales so much, according to SP it is because the whales and dolphins nuked Japan. We should tell them it was really a cow and chicken so they will lose interest in killing the whales.

    And to all the Sea Shepherd supporters, do you practice what you preach? Do you drive an eco friendly car or take public transportation, follow a vegan diet, and recycle everything? Or are you just being a hypocrit, driving your SUV, tossing recyclables in the landfill, and stuffing your face with fat?

  6. Oh dear, Shamu. One, the Sea Shepherds disagree with the Japanese interpretation of the law & believe the whalers are acting outside of it. Yes, they harass them & coerce them. I think most of us have mixed feelings but don’t want to see the Sea Shepherds injuried either. As for living eco-friendly — alot of us do. I chose to live where I can walk to work, groceries, etc. We recycle. We aren’t vegan but do minimize our meat intake. And whales aren’t cows. You can be against whale killing & still eat some hormone free local chicken every now & then.


  7. I love what the sea shepards are doing down there, but it is obvious in video that their smal boat acceleratd into Japanese boat…. u can see white water from props… those guys always screw there missions up.. there a bunch of dorks trying to play war with a blank check in there pocket…

  8. Hey Bernie M- I guess then you only have to raise $2,497,760.00 or so to buy your kids a replacement for the toy they broke. Is that the right message to send children, though?
    It’s really kind of funny how those clowns destroyed their own boat on the very first “mission”. The fat guy from Sea Shepherd was swinging his (probably very Japanese-like) dick, talking about how they’re going to do this and that to the Whalers with the Ady Gil. And now? Guys like Bernie here are reduced to gloating over collecting 2 grand…(Hey Bernie, I’m sure there are some recession-affected HUMANS who could really use that money, but that won’t get you clever bumper-stickers to put on your (Japanese) Suburu or Prius).
    One last thing I found amusing was how the SS(hmm…)people were whining about not being “aided” by the Whalers after crashing into their ship and their indignant call for Naval vessels to “protect” them in the future. What happened?I thought these people are such swashbuckling, danger-loving, men-of-action? Instead they’re overgrown kids who cry to their mommy after breaking their toy…

  9. Why isn’t the war on terror effecting these terrorist, just because they are not muslims? One less terrorist ship in international waters.

  10. Paul Watson … what a lying sack of sh!t! Whatever happened to that ‘getting shot’ by the Japanese! Trey Parker & Matt Stone pegged it with their episode, “Whale Whores.” Great entertainment watching these clueless buffoons getting whacked. Paul, keep working on that ‘vegan’ diet … doesn’t look like it’s working for you!

  11. Let’s drop our personal biases here for a moment. I have no dog in this fight, have never watched the show so really have no prejudices in that respect. However this is not about whaling, or anti-whaling activities, but a collision at sea. For purposes of keeping this as objective as possible and saving space lets refer to the Shonan Maru as Vessel A or just A, The Ady Gil as Vessel B and the Bob Barker Vessel C.
    We have two videos of the event, one from the Bob Barker and the Second fron the Shonan Maru.
    From C you can see A make two distinct course changes, the first two starboard right at B, the second to port keeping her bow on B. At the last moment before impact B does make a quick move forward.
    From A we see B sittng 10 deg. and about 30 yards off the starboard bow making no weigh. A’s bow begins to drift to right indicating a starboard turn, we hear the helm’s collision alarm, but not collision warning is sounded by A. We see a fire hose stream being directed at B and then at the last moment prop wash behind B a moment before impact and then the collision and the wreckage of B slipping down the starboard side. From C we see another hose being directed at the wreckage, but from A it looks like the stream is from a stationary hose passes over the vessel.
    Take your time and decide first if my conclusions are right, then decide about the collision. But honesty’s sake, keep your own biases about the Whale wars out of it.

  12. First of all, camera “c” is operated by who? Sea Shepherd? Hardly an objective source. Fact is, Sea Shepherd has been instigating for a scenario like this for ages, so quit whining. Second, I don’t here you complaining about the illegal acts commited by Sea Shepherd(throwing acid on deck, smoke bombs, breaking nets, etc). It obviously seems to be a case of “you can give it, but you can’t take it”.
    Btw, I had Whale meat in Japan and it was tender and delicious- and it’s good to know that I helped science(research) by eating it. It gave me great pleasure.

  13. I spent four years in the US Navy at sea most of the time. I have never seen so many idiots trying to run a ship in my life. The only person I have seen with any brains. Was the comm officer after the so called XO Brown. Sent a delta boat to attack a whaleing ship at night. Then lost the boat. Then stood around with his finger up his butt trying to think of what to do. Then the comm officer gets in trouble for starting a search. Don’t getme started on the fake gunshot to the socalled captain. What theses idiots are doing breaks every law of the sea.

  14. Also the new toy they broke was not almost cut in half. It just had the bow torn off. From what I have seen of the idiots,they probably tried to ram the other ship. I am pulling for the Japanese. Give the Darwin Award to the Sea Shepherds.

  15. The Japanese aren’t killing whales, they’re family planners performing legal whale abortions. Keep your flotation devices close Watson. I suspect that you and your idiot comrades will have more opportunities to be in the water.

  16. Some captain…puts on a bulletproof vest and leaves his crew without similiar protection. What a complete dick! Especially if you consider that his dumbass rancid butter throwing retards are more likely to catch lead.
    “Captain” Paul should have joined the Navy, He would have made admiral by now.

  17. This Fat turd Paul is going to get his crew killed 1 day! the dork with glasses and almost every one on that Steve Irwin cant throw a fucking hat on a Rack! RPG’s and Grenades night vision Goggles and a couple 50.cal Barrets and no Tv Camera’s and World Peace is Yours!

  18. You people are unbelievable. I don’t really give a crap one way or the other about the Japanese, in fact I love visiting Japan. As far as Watson, this man has done more good in the world than everyone reading/posting on this site will ever do (Greenpeace, SeaShepard, etc), yest his tacticts may be crude, but in his eyes, and many others, he has no choice as NO governement is doing a damn thing to protect these wonderful creatures from becoming extinct. Have any of you done any research on what will happen if these water animals die off? And make no mistake, once the whales are gone, the ruthless Japanese, or other peoples, will start killing off every other type of water animal that they can make a fortune off of. This is about money, not research, just the same ole lame excuse, money. Why don’t or governments and collective countries step in and make real laws, and enforce them. Stop killing our worldly animals to the point of extinction, what gives these people the right?

  19. Any of you a-holes bashing the SS watch the episode showing how the japans CHASED DOWN TWO PLAYING WHALES AND CURELY KILLED ONE!!! F THE JAPS!!! GO SS!!!

  20. These people are clowns- watching them “perform” on their boat is pure slapstick. They’re incapable of doing anything sailorly- one guy breaks his thumb doing some menial task while another can’t figure how to get the zodiac lowered into the water while another genius forgets to turn off the satellite phone when going on a “mission”.
    Please, get these people out of the water- they’re going to hurt themselves…

  21. Those Jap idiots need to be stopped. They are making over a million dollars a day just so they can make a profit. There is no need to kill these beautiful creatures. Eat something else morons. Kudos for the Sea Shepards efforts. I for one will be writing a nice check to support their cause..

  22. about time these eco-terrorist get taken out. now the other ships need to be sunk and these ecp-terrorist arrested and punished.

  23. I think we should just drop another Bomb on the Japs! This is truly not for research and you and I all know this. So you people for Japan go jump off a cliff and STFU!

  24. LOL! Serves these incompetent dumbass eco-fags right. I watch this show just so I can see the Japs kill whales and make these pussies cry. How do I get a job on one of these whaling ships?

  25. To the previous poster about hippies. You are a pathetic human being. It’s people like you that will be the end of the world one day! And I can only hope to see you suffer a horrible struggle to survive! I could only hope that people like you could someday realize our human mistake and stop destroying our ocean’s ecosystem. So to you who wants a job with the Japanese I hope you suffer one day and you lye their and remember your words when somebody reminds you of your words or you just remember what you’ve said, that you ask the world, or God for that matter, for forgiveness. So man up and end your life quickly and commit hairy kairy. You Jap loving cod sucker!!!!!!

  26. The whalers may or may not be breaking the law. But the Sea Shepards are clearly breaking the law.
    The so called captian is another cult leader that is going to get someone killed. I don’t like killing of animals either.
    But I hate people that break the law and then blame someone else for it even more. His ideas never work yet he puts on a big show as if they did.
    How many times has he dropped his mighty prop fowler in the water. Seven times that I have counted and seven times it has failed. This is nothing more than an idiot leading a bunch of brained washed fools at sea.

  27. Again people showing their ignorance in not supporting the Sea Shepard in their quest to save these ancient creature of the sea. Tell me what you have to say when the japs are done killing off these beautiful animals! Then you might see what the damage has done! I bet if it was a cause you believed in, then you might stand up and fight just as Cpt. Watson is doing! These SS crew risk their lives to save these whales from extinction. What the hell are you doing?????????????????? I watch every episode in disbelief that our country’s are not backing them up in any way!

  28. Someone please kill these anarchist scumbags. I wish the japs would harpoon every one of these self-righteous aholes

  29. All you idiots are lofting for the jap pieces of sh.t because they are operating under protection of the law and bashing the SS because they are eco-terrorists. The only government agency to classify them as terrorists are the f.ing japs, big surprise. Sea Shepards breaking the law? What an idiot you are. The japs have no documented proof of any illegal acts, crude as some may be. Nothing any of you aholes have seen is illegal, atleast not enough to be prosecuted for. The crew of the SS are volunteering months of their time, without pay. Who the hell are you to bash them. This is a classic case of the little guy taking on “the man” and some of you suckers actually want the japs to win. THE JAPS!!

  30. “It has been a very bad news week for the whalers. First, the Japanese were caught red-handed by the Sunday Times of the U.K. in a bribery scandal and vote-buying scheme with the International Whaling Commission (IWC). Then a former whaler spilt the beans on his colleagues by blowing the whistle on illegal activity onboard the Japanese factory ship Nisshin Maru. Palau announced it would no longer vote for Japan, and Germany has openly declared that if Iceland wants in the European Community, it will have to abolish the killing of the whales.” -SeaShepherd News-

    You sure the japs are not breaking the law. Morons

  31. Watch the documentary “The Cove” it shows the extent of Japanese crimes . The Sea Shepard and its crew are not terrorist (people who claim this should check the meaning of the word). The Japanese fisherman kill dolphins and Whales and are decimating the Mediterranean tuna population . They are sick and immoral. Paul is not endangering his crew as anyone would know from watching the show. The crew are all warned before joining the crew.

  32. The Japanese are really hurting our oceans not only are they killing the Whales off they catch sharks and turtles just to cut the fins off them and they kick what is left over board. If this was America doing this every country in the world would be on our ass. When the Japanese finish with the whales they will move onto other species to hunt. Some of you who are siding with the Japanese probably think that what BP did is ok. To side with the Japanese on this topic is ridiculous hell I still don’t think Amercia can sell American grown rice in Japan. My dad was in the Navy during WWII fought in 13 battles in the Pacific. He loved the ocean and always said how beautiful it was late in the evening when the sun was setting. Even though you don’t think it’s possible one day a lot of these different species we take for granted will be gone. The big giant Tuna that the Japanese love so much are almost gone. At what point do we stop the killing when they are finally hunted into extinction.

  33. I can’t believe the stupidity of the remarks being made, calling SS terrorists? They are hero’s and what the Japs are doing is illegal. They can twist and turn the wording around all they want, doesn’t make it right just because they continue to do this because of some silly legal loophole.
    Maybe they need another lesson….

  34. the moron idiots that agree with this crimial overkill of helpess whale or any sea mam or animal needs to have a harpoon up their ass along with the rest of their family.

  35. I’m all for the SS I think whaleing is horrible but this dosent change the fact that Watson and the rest of these guys are idiots. Have you seen some of the dumb things they do come on and don’t get me started on the fake shooting what horse shit. If they want to make a real difference they need to get some people and a Captin who have the know how but like is said I’m glad they are doing what they are but dosent change te fact they are retarded.

  36. What I don’t understand is how the Japanese can still be whaling in the first place be it for research or otherwise. Can someone explain? Thought it was not allowed anymore. And just to make a point, Just how much “tissue samples” do they need. And if the humpback whales are on the Endangered Species List isn’t it against the law for those to be hunted and killed for any reason? I’m all for the Sea Shepard doing what they can for these creatures. No one else is going to do anything obviously.

  37. I have been watching this season of WW and saw the ramming incident last night. Maybe I am cynical but I think the SS set that incident up. I understand that the AG was running out of fuel but to be drifting while a number of ships are manevering isn’t to smart. Also, I don’t understand why they couldn’t replenish the AG with fuel…it wasn’t like the BB was going to catch up with the factory ship anyway. By refueling the AG, the SS may have been able to catch up with the factory ship again instead the leave their “most valuable asset” bobbing around in the ocean. Also, I can’t believe the risks the SS take with their people and how ill prepared they seem to be when an incident occurs…they stand around staring and when they do act there only seems to be one or two that know what to do.

  38. I think great people willing to use violence to support cause they belief in. It’s justified in gods eye when mission is pure.
    Sea Shepards, Hamas, Al Quaeda, etc.

  39. That’s a nice theory that the SS set up the incident. However, you lack one major thing, evidence. Common maritime law around the world grants the smaller ship, in any situation, right of way. Though the SS are seemingly willing to do anything to stop whaling, they are not lunatics. It would do no good to ram a 1000 ton carbon fiber ship into a 50000 ton reinforced steel ship, it would likely kill your entire crew and not even dent the other ship, much less stop whaling. Common sense is on the SS side, as much as they seem to be lacking that at times.

  40. Exactly, SS are brainwashed fanatics using violence and destruction of property to achieve it’s aims- same as Al Qaeda…
    And I bet half the guys with SS are on board just to try and fuck some of those females.

  41. I want to start a non profit group that follows these Sea Shepard faggots around and relays their location to the Japs.

  42. Of course, what those anemic bastards want to do is criminalize killing of all animals for meat. Tell me, what’s the difference between a pig and a whale/dolphin? Nothing, except that (for westerners) sea mammals are held in awe for some stupid sentimental reason. So, first its the whales and the next it’ll be pigs and cows. I also bet that half the idiots with “save the whales” stickers on their suburu’s probably have 2 pounds of bacon and hamburger lodged in their colon…

  43. Morons. The best part was watching them all stand around while the other ship got rammed. Took them 15 minutes to decide to put a boat in the water for rescue. The best thing they are going to do for their cause is martyr themselves due to incompetence. I can’t wait.

  44. How come you guys don’t like whales?
    The show may be dumb but not the cause.
    Have you no compassion for these beautiful animals? We need more support from the people to put an end to this barbaric practice.

  45. u people who say da japanese are good u guys are basterds they cant just rame a ship that isnt evan half their size go eat shet japan !

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