What Now For David Archuleta?

Now that David Archuleta’s dad Jeff has been banned from rehearsals and all other things backstage at American Idol, will Archie be lost without his stage-daddy’s controling hand? Jeff got the boot for interfering with just about everything on the show, but the last straw was him hypnotizing David into disobeying the Idol brass. Jeff had been told by the powers that be not to change any lyrics in “Stand By Me” which ‘lil Dave performed this Tuesday. Change was what Jeff wanted, however, and change was what Archie sang. It’s obvious that producer Nigel is NOT where the buck stops in David’s mind. “Daddy Dearest” rules over all. Or did.

This Tuesday, the three remaining Idols will be singing three different songs. They’ll have to change them up enough to keep the voters’ interest, and the judges praise. David Cook should have no problems with this task, his Cooking is becoming Idol legend. Syesha Mercado can also be versatile, as long as she doesn’t go wall-to-wall diva, she should be able to sufficiently impress. Archie’s dad Jeff has been his svengali puppet-master so far, choosing songs and arrangements for him. Will he be adrift without his dad’s help? Remember, this dog and pony show’s been going on for a LONG time (Jeff was booted from “Star Search” too). We want to know if you think Archie will be able to execute three different types of performances this week. Vote below and give us your opinion!