Who Goes Home on Survivor Cagayan Tonight? 3/5/2014

UPDATE: Read our recap on who got voted off Survivor tonight for the official results!

Tonight we’ll find out who went home on Survivor Cagayan in the second week of the show. We have our prediction for who is most likely to be the one who got voted off Survivor 2014 in week 2, but so far there are no solid Survivor spoilers on the boot list this season.


Last week on the Survivor 28 premiere, Team Luzon (Brains) had a rough time of it after losing in both Immunity Challenges. For some insane reason, the tribe members then decided to get rid of strong players David Samson and Garrett Adelstein. This early in the game, you want to get rid of the weak links so you can compete against the other tribes! Apparently the members of Team Luzon did not learn that lesson before coming on the show.

For tonight’s episode, we’re back to just one immunity challenge and one person who was voted off Survivor Cagayan in this round. Like last season, pre-season Survivor spoilers have been incredibly scarce and unreliable. So we can’t tell you for certain who will go home on the show tonight. However, we are going to make a guess based on our own observations and the mass of reader’s polls going around out there.

Compiling the fan polls we saw on various sites, it looks the three most likely picks for who was eliminated on Survivor in week 2 are Brice, Jefra, and LH — all castaways on the ‘Beauty’ Tribe. Our friends over at GossipandGab.com actually have rejected all three of these choices, and instead have predicted that “Morgan goes home because LJ saw her looking at that Hidden Immunity idol and he wants her gone!”

As for us, we do think the Survivor results tonight will end up with someone getting the boot from the ‘Beauty’ Tribe. We’re going to make a tentative prediction that the person who will end up going home will be Jefra, just because she hasn’t had a lot of screen time and she’s kind of just a placeholder player at this point. We’ll have to wait and find out tonight what actually happens!

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