Who Got Fired on Celebrity Apprentice 2012 This Week

The drama continued this week on Celebrity Apprentice 2012 following last week’s catfight between Arsenio Hall and Aubrey O’Day. In the end, however, who got fired on Celebrity Apprentice Sunday night was not about who was being nasty, it was all about who failed to put in enough of a meaningful contribution to the task at hand.


In a follow-up to last week’s bitter fight on The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 between Arsenio Hall and Aubrey O’Day, the b*tching continues as Arsenio Hall goes on a full rant laced with obscenities about Aubrey O’Day’s attitude and lack of teamwork in the previous episode’s challenge. In his tirade, Hall called O’Day a “b*tch” and a “wh*re,” among other things.

The foulness pouring out of Arsenio Hall’s mouth prompts Lisa Lampanelli to tell the comedian that “every woman is going to hate” him for automatically calling a female he dislikes a “‘b*tch’ and ‘wh*re'” when he was pissed off. There has been some sheer nastiness this season on The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 and no one can say Aubrey O’Day hasn’t taken part in it, but I have to say, I think Hall took it a bit too far with his name-calling.

Lampanelli also went verbal on Lou Ferrigno and Dayana Mendoza over Dee Snider getting fired. No one was safe from Lampanelli’s mouth this episode, that’s for sure!

Later on, after Aubrey O’Day returned and everyone got together for the next task, tensions seemed to ease down somewhat. O’Day told Hall “those things really hurt, that you think those things of me.” Hall went so far as to say he was “sorry it went to that” and said “the language wasn’t necessary.” Despite the psuedo makeup between the two, Aubrey O’Day said she still does not like Arsenio Hall one bit, but that she had to “bite my tongue for a while and be a team player.”

Dayana Mendoza and Theresa Giudice took on the job as Project Managers for the task of the day, to produce 60-second commercials promoting Entertainment.com and the website’s mobile app. Amazingly enough, both teams managed to get the job done with very little drama. At the end of the night, Donald Trump announced that both teams did admirably at making quality commercials, but that Theresa Giudice’s team had won. Theresa’s charity, NephCure, receives a $60,000 donation for the win.

Back in the boardroom, Lisa Lampanelli went after Lou Ferrigno again over his lack of participation in helping the team. Although, I have to note that it seemed to me that Penn Jillette was way less present or helpful to the team than Ferrigno, who actually did try to make suggestions about the commercial his team was putting together.

Finally, Donald Trump declared who was fired on The Celebrity Apprentice this time around loud and clear. For failing to contribute meaningfully to his team (at least according to some of his teammates) and being disloyal by saying he liked the other team’s commercial better, the person headed out the door this week was bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno.