On the America’s Got Talent results show Wednesday night, 12 acts learned their fate and found out which of them will move forward in the competition. After Tuesday’s live performance show, we had our favorites and our picks for those we thought would be the ones who got voted off America’s Got Talent 2013 this week. Of course, America doesn’t always agree with our opinion.

Champions Forever America's Got Talent

The absolute worst act this week had to be Tummy Talk — we just don’t even fathom how they even made it this far. Seriously? Two guys humiliating a fat guy by pounding him with their hands on stage? We agreed with Howie that they deserved to be buzzed right off the stage. Of course, the voters often seem to love these absurdly horrible acts, so we were really hoping they would not make it through.

Although the judges were kind of tepid about the family unicycle stunt group Champions Forever, we were actually rather entertained by them. We certainly liked them better than light dancers SensEtion, country singer Chloe Channell, other country singer Jimmy Rose, boring singer Cami Bradley, or the lame band that should go away, The Robotix. And while we didn’t hate the 3Penny Chorus, we could see a group just like them and just as talented in many cities across the country. They just aren’t that special.

That left us with David Ferman, the crazy juggler, Aerial Ice — the name says it all, comedian Taylor Williamson and amazing aerial acrobat Timber Brown. These were our favorite acts of the night and we were wishing the best for all of them, especially Timber. Now honestly, we’re not sure how truly difficult his act was or not but it was visually stunning and had us totally captivated. His was the only performance we actually rewound the DVR to watch again.

Who who was voted off America’s Got Talent 2013 this week and who made it through to the next stage of the competition? Drumroll please…

GROUP 1: The Robotix, SensEtion, Tummy Talk and David Ferman

All three acts have been eliminated.

GROUP 2: Cami Bradley and 3Penny Chorus & Orchestra

Cami moves on to the next round, 3Penny Chorus is eliminated.

GROUP 3: Jimmy Rose, Champions Forever and Aerial Ice

Jimmy Rose gets through, but the other two acts are eliminated.

Group 4: Taylor Williamson, Timber Brown and Chloe Channell

Timber Brown gets through, woohoo! The judges are split on the other two and so America’s vote will decide. The last person through tonight is…

Taylor Williamson!

What do you think of the results tonight? Was there someone who was sent home that you wish had made it through?

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