Who Got Voted Off Survivor 2014 Cagayan In Week 3?

Who got voted off Survivor tonight in week 3? We have the latest Survivor results from the live eviction on Wednesday night and you might be surprised who went home!


In our prediction post from earlier today, we were pretty certain the person who was eliminated on Survivor tonight would be from the Aparri ‘Brawn’ Tribe. There were just too many Survivor 2014 spoilers that seemed to point toward the Brawn castaways ending up in front of the Tribal Council tonight.

So was our prediction right? Keep on reading for the Survivor results from tonight’s competitions and Tribal Council!

Luxury Challenge:

  • Beauty wins four chickens
  • Brawn wins a dozen eggs
  • Brains gets nothing

Hidden Immunity Idol:

Beauty finds a clue to the hidden immunity idol, but LJ already has it, so that’s a bust.

Immunity Challenge:

Wow, this did NOT turn out like most of the reader’s polls and blogger’s predictions were guessing it would! (Including us!) Despite their attempt to actually THROW the immunity challenge competition, Brawn does NOT lose and come in last. Instead, it turns out to be the Luzon Tribe (Brains) castaways headed off to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council Votes:

Votes: J’Tia, Spencer, J’Tia, J’Tia

Who went home on Survivor 2014 tonight: J’Tia

Well, it’s certainly not what we expected to happen tonight and that’s a good thing. We love it when Survivor is unpredictable and keeps us on our toes!

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