Who Got Voted Off Survivor 2014 Cagayan In Week 4?

We have to say we were quite surprised by who got voted off Survivor Cagayan last night. We were not expecting this result at all, but things got all kinds of crazy after the tribal merge. It’s always tough when the tribes have to reform and the castaways are forced to negotiate new alliances and deal with new enemies.


While the Aparri tribe stayed relatively the same overall, the new Solana tribe had to figure out who was going to team up with who, and which castaways would end up as the outsiders in the new pack. With all that disruption going on, we weren’t all that shocked when Solana lost out in the immunity challenge and had to go to Tribal Council.

After the tribal merge, here was the layout of the two new tribes:

Aparri Tribe:

  • Sarah, Spencer, Kass, Tasha, Morgan, Jeremiah, and Alexis

Solana Tribe:

  • Cliff, Woo, Jefra, Trish, LJ, Tony, and Lindsey

At the Reward Challenge, the Aparri tribe managed to pull out the win and got a prize of doughnuts and pastries.

In the Immunity Challenge, Morgan sat out from the Aparri Tribe and Trish sat out on the Solana Tribe. The Solana Tribe led the challenge at first, but blew their lead and lost out to Aparri.

When it came time for the Tribal Council votes, there was a near-tie with three votes for LJ and four votes for Cliff. This comes as something as a surprise since going into the council it looked like LJ was going to be the one to go home. But apparently Tony decided to flip his vote and vote against Cliff.

So, by a vote of four to three, Cliff was the person who got voted off Survivor Cagayan in week 3.

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