Who Was Eliminated on MasterChef 2013 From the Top 7?

On MasterChef tonight, the Top 7 finalists were whittled down to a final top 6 in a daunting two-hour episode. The contestants were given the seemingly easy task of preparing a perfect steak — which is anything but simple if you’ve ever tried it. Who was eliminated on MasterChef Season 4 tonight? Keep on scrolling for the results of this week’s MasterChef 2013 elimination!

MasterChef 2013 Judges

When the competitors opened up their Mystery Box tonight, most of them looked pretty happy about the idea of just having to cook a steak. The smart ones were more wary, with good reason. Cooking a steak to perfection is a lot like threading a needle blindfolded. We know, because we burnt one all to hell just last week while trying to duplicate a recipe from the Food Network. Damn Food Network always making everything look easier than it really is!

The home cook who prepared the best steak tonight won every contestant’s favorite prize, immunity. Plus, they got to assign out the poultry ingredients for this week’s pressure test. If there is anything we are more likely to screw up cooking than steak, it’s poultry of any variety. Obviously, we’d never survive a week on this show.

Ready to find out who won immunity this week and who got eliminated on MasterChef tonight from the top 7? We have the MasterChef spoilers on tonight’s elimination results below the SPOILER ALERT banner below!


For the Mystery Box Challenge, the chefs had 45 minutes to cook a T-bone steak and sides. Krissi won the challenge and was given the chance to choose from six different LIVE birds to assign to her competitors. She has immunity and will not have to cook. Krissi assigns the birds as follows:

Jordan: Quail
Bri: Pigeon
Natasha: Pheasant
Jessie: Chicken
James: Duck
Lucca: Turkey

Luckily, the chefs were given already dead versions of the live birds. The best dishes in the end belong to Natasha, James, Lucca and Bri. The worst two dishes were from Jessie and Jordan.

Natasha wins the pressure test and she and Bri will serve as team captains in the next challenge. Jessie and Jordan are the bottom two and in the end, the judges decide to eliminate… Jordan.

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  1. I will never watch Masterchef again… What a JOKE!!!! Twice, that Arogant, Useless Jerk, Natasha should have gone home, but the judges seemed to change the RULES just as she was to hand over her Apron!! Why? cause she’s “pretty”? I don’t think so!! I can’t believe the other contestants are not in an uproar over this. Why haven’t the rules changed for anybody else. This is very prejuidice and I have to say I’m shocked that Chef Ramsey has any part of this!! I’m very dissapointed…

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