Who Was Eliminated on The Amazing Race Tonight? 10/13/2013

We never would have guessed who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight! Going into the third leg of the race this season, we would probably have picked any other team but the one who went home on The Amazing Race 23 this week. Just goes to show you that this is one of the most unpredictable reality competition shows on television!


We just finished watching this week’s episode and we have The Amazing Race spoilers for you on who was eliminated and which team came in first for this leg of the competition. Will you be as surprised as we were about who got eliminated? There was so much drama and tension on the show tonight we were quite literally glued to the edge of our seat for the whole show! It was one wild ride tonight from Chile to Lisbon, Portugal but one unlucky choice sealed the fate of the team eliminated this evening right at the beginning of the leg.

You know it is going to be a crazy night when you spend the first quarter of the whole episode with all the teams freaking out in the airport and trying to figure out what flight they should be on. With teams scattered all over the place and on a variety of different flights, there was no telling who would end up reaching the next destination first or last.

Before the challenges even began in Lisbon, the fate of the team that was going to end up last in this leg was already determined before they even left the airport in Chile. Shockingly, it was the team who earned the first place finish last week that ended up getting bitten in the butt this week due to the error of the travel agent booking their flight.

Last week’s first place winners Chester & Ephraim could have been on the 7:00 AM flight to Lisbon that got some of the other teams to Portugal first. Instead, their travel agent screwed up and they didn’t get on the flight. To try to make up for it, the agent booked them tickets with two connections that was supposed to get them there quickly enough to keep them in the race. Unfortunately, the guys forgot an Amazing Race golden rule — a flight multiple connections is NEVER a good idea.

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Sadly for Ephraim & Chester, their flight ended up being a mess and they were delayed and delayed again. They ended up so behind that they didn’t even arrive in Lisbon until after all of the other teams had already completed all the challenges and reached the final Pit Stop. Host Phil Keoghan even had time to make it to the airport and greet them as they arrived, only to tell them that they wouldn’t even get a chance to compete. They were eliminated before they even left the airport. Ouch!

Eight teams are still in the race to win The Amazing Race season 23: Leo & Jamal, Brandon & Adam, Nicole & Travis, Jason & Amy, Tim & Danny, Ally & Ashley, Tim & Marie, and Nicky & Kim. The winners of this leg, Nicole & Travis, won a trip to Costa Rica and will start off in the lead on next week’s episode.

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  1. They should be invited back. These flights could screw someone over and these two became the prey. There needs to be new rules regarding delayed flights screwing up the game and change the policy so that everyone gets a fair shot.

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