Who Went Home on The Amazing Race 2013 Tonight? 11/17/2013

Last week, Kim & Nicky escaped being the ones who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 next by the skin of their teeth when it turned out to be a non-elimination leg. That kind of a save doesn’t happen twice in a row and they were facing big trouble tonight. Not only did they have to do a Speed Bump because they came in last in the previous leg but they also had a potential U-turn ahead to deal with as well.

The Amazing Race 23 Episode 8 - Source: CBS
The Amazing Race 23 Episode 8 – Source: CBS

Being the team in last place and with Double U-turn coming up, it was going to take a lot to make sure Nicky & Kim didn’t end up as the ones who went home in The Amazing Race 23 week 8. This was not an easy leg of challenges to deal with either. The teams were still racing through the United Arab Emirates this week, so that meant a lot of heat, choking dust and cultural confusion at every turn.

From racing dune buggies, wild water rafting and judging camel beauty contests, this was an episode of tough challenges. Every team seemed to struggle on The Amazing Race tonight and if it hadn’t been for the Double U-turn in play, who knows what might have happened at the end. However, there was that pesky Double U-turn just waiting to dump punishment on somebody and you knew it was not going to be left unused.

Unfortunately for Nicky & Kim, they were too far behind and Tim & Marie arrived at the Double U-turn ahead of them. They decided to U-turn Kim & Nicky because they feel like the team cut in line in front of them previously at an airport. It’s a petty reason but it’s a game, so you muck up your competition when you can.

With the combination of the U-turn and a tough Speed Bump, Nicky & Kim just couldn’t make up the time and they could not catch up to the other teams. They ended up reaching the Pit Stop last and were eliminated.

Are you sad to see Nicky & Kim go home? Which team do you think will end up being The Amazing Race 23 winners?

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