Who Went Home on The Amazing Race 23 Tonight? 10/27/2013

Who went home on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight? Well, it’s always difficult to predict what will happen on this show because things can change at the drop of a hat! When we left off on the previous show, Adam and Brandon were in the lead. But all the teams were faced with the possible drama of a double U-turn this week, so anything could have happened.

The Amazing Race 2013 Season 23 Episode 5
The Amazing Race Season 23 Episode 5 – Source: CBS

Going into this evening’s episode, we were dying to know whether or not Tim and Marie would actually give up the Express Pass to Nicole and Travis. Marie and Tim were in deep trouble after accidentally missing half their clue to the next part of the race. Nicole and Travis could save them from ending up last (and possibly eliminated) but only if they were willing to give up the pass.

In the cliffhanger ending last week, it looked like Marie was willing to deal with the consequences of not giving up the Express Pass in exchange for help. But when we returned to The Amazing Race 23 tonight, we learned that Marie just couldn’t resist giving up the pass in order to get the information they needed. She did, however, wait to hand over the Express Pass in secret so they could still fake having it and use it as leverage.

After everyone checked in, they were immediately given clues to race off to the next destination this week. Everyone arrived in Poland for the next leg of the race at the same time, so Adam and Brandon lost out on being first to check in.

Things got even worse for Brandon and Adam when Leo and Jamal were U-turned and decided to use the double U-turn against them. So Brandon and Adam went from being in first place to last place. Could they possible recover from being U-turned and having to go back and do the other side of the Detour challenge?

Who was eliminated on The Amazing Race tonight? Well, after it was all said and done with all the challenges and the drama of a double U-turn, the team that ended up coming in last place was, unfortunately, Adam and Brandon. They just never managed to recover from having lost their lead at the start of this leg and taking way too long at the Detour challenges the first time. Host Phil Keoghan announced, unfortunately, that this was an elimination leg, so they were sent home.

We have to say, we were kind of shocked by Adam and Brandon going home. We thought they would make it much longer!

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