Who Won Dancing With the Stars 2013 Season 17? The Final Results!

On Tuesday night, fans finally found out who won Dancing With the Stars 2013 season 17. Was it Glee star Amber Riley, who has been fiercely real all season long? High School Musical star Corbin Bleu, the man with the moves that make the ladies swoon? Or reality TV star Jack Osbourne, who moved us with his inspirational fight against MS and his vast improvement on the dance floor every week? We hope everyone got in their votes for their favorite team because it’s time to see who came out on top in the final Dancing With the Stars results tonight!

The Dancing With the Stars 2013 winner is... Source: CBS
The Dancing With the Stars 2013 winner is… Source: CBS

We made our prediction last night about who would be the Dancing With the Stars winner this season. However, we have to say that our prediction was based on which DWTS 2013 cast member we wished would win because we’re just big fans, rather than who we thought was technically the better dancer.

Our favorite team all season long has been Amber Riley and Derek Hough. We really wanted Amber to win not only because we’re huge Glee fans and Amber fans, but also because she just has so much passion about it that it makes us smile every time she hit the dance floor. Plus, she’s turned out to be a heck of an awesome dancer to boot! Amber started strong, stayed strong, and killed it last night with yet another perfect score routine.

On the other hand, Corbin Bleu has been a tremendous competitor all season long as well. If we had to say which person deserved to win just based on pure skill, we would have picked Corbin over Amber. Although he had a few big misses now and then, Corbin just has that fluid, easy grace of a person who could have probably been successful just as a pro dancer if he’d gone down that path instead of acting. As good as he is though, we just felt like Amber was more fun to watch overall.

In the end, our opinions don’t matter a bit. It’s all about the scores of the judges and the votes from the viewers. After all the votes were tallied and the final scores added, we have the pleasure to announce the celebrity who won Dancing With the Stars 2013 is…









3rd Place: Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke

2nd Place: Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff

1st Place: Amber Riley and Derek Hough!

Congrats Amber! We were rooting for you all season and are so happy you landed the Mirror Ball Trophy!

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