Who Won Dancing With the Stars Last Night? The 2013 Champion Is…

Adam Taylor/ ABC
Adam Taylor/ ABC

Who won Dancing With the Stars last night seemed almost a foregone conclusion to anyone who has been watching Season 16 religiously. Let’s face it, Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough have been dominating Dancing With the Stars 2013 all season long. While there was always the chance for a last minute shakeup result, it would have been seriously shocking had they not taken home the Mirror Ball trophy.

We don’t really want to call Season 16 boring per se… but anyone who didn’t see the writing on the wall practically from the first week was probably drunk. Thankfully, despite the ultimate predictability of who won Dancing With the Stars from the moment Kellie hit the dance floor, a season of truly delightful performances still made it worth watching  mostly.

Country music singer Kellie Pickler may have only come in fifth place on American Idol Season 6, but she was destined to win DWTS 2013 right from the start. We think Kellie is a great singer, but it turns out she might just be a better dancer! Of all the contestants on DWTS 16, Kellie was so flawless out there that at times it was hard to tell her from the pros.

Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough rode at the pinnacle of the Dancing With the Stars leaderboard week after week. Unfortunately for second place finishers Sendaya Coleman and Val Chmerkovskiy, they could just never quite measure up to Kellie and Derek, despite having a stellar season themselves. In a season without the former American Idol finalist, we think Sendaya would have stolen the show. That really has to burn a bit… knowing that you probably would have been the fan favorite and mega-star of the season if it weren’t for that pesky American Idol kid!

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