>> UPDATE: Click here for the official The Amazing Race 23 results! Our spoilers below were correct!

We are kind of shocked about who won The Amazing Race 23 if the spoilers that just came out are indeed true! We had placed our bets on an entirely different team walking away with the million dollar grand prize. According to the latest The Amazing Race spoilers, however, the racers that reportedly ends up in first place is probably the last team we would have picked to win it all.

The Amazing Race 23 finale - Source: CBS

The Amazing Race 23 finale – Source: CBS

If we’d had to place a bet on who wins The Amazing Race 23, we probably would have gone for Leo & Jamal. They’ve been strong all season long and they seem to have boundless energy. Throughout the season, they’ve been good at both physical and mental challenges. Plus, they’ve also gotten a very strong ‘edit’ throughout the whole show. Basically this means that they have gotten a lot of camera time and mostly been portrayed in a positive light, which sometimes foreshadows a team as the future winning racers.

However, when we heard rumors that Leo & Jamal were reportedly going to be part of The Amazing Race 24 All Stars cast, we had second thoughts. We just didn’t think CBS would cast them on an All Stars season directly after being the ones who won The Amazing Race 23. Plus, if you take a close look at the preview for Sunday’s episode, you’ll notice you don’t really see anything of Leo & Jamal in the final destination of Alaska, which means they are probably not in the final three. (Terrible spoilers editing CBS!) With them out of the picture, it was harder for us to pick which team we thought would win.

Well, we don’t have to wonder any longer! According to what appears to be some very strong The Amazing Race 23 spoilers, the names of the winners this season have been leaked. And those winning names are… Jason & Amy! Or, as they have dubbed, the team known as ‘Jamy.’ We just never really felt like Jason & Amy would come out as the winners over Leo & Jamal, Nicole & Travis, and Tim & Marie. Color us surprised!

The Amazing Race 23 finale photos. (Click the thumbnails for bigger pics or to scroll through the photos – Source: CBS)

The clues about who won The Amazing Race 2013 season 23 were gleaned from social media, CBS promos for the finale, and some usually reliable spoilers sources. You can read a nice summary of some of the sources that came together to produce these spoilers over here. The Amazing Race spoilers also appear to confirm that Leo & Jamal are eliminated in Japan before the final three teams head to the last destination in Alaska. While we can’t guarantee these spoilers are absolutely accurate, they are looking pretty solid at this point. We’ll just have to wait and see until Sunday night to see if they prove to be true.

>> UPDATE: Click here for the official The Amazing Race 23 results! Our spoilers below were correct!

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