Who Won The Amazing Race Last Night and How They’ll Spend Their $1 Million!

Who won The Amazing Race last night was relatively easy to predict within five minutes of the opening of the show. On The Amazing Race 22 finale, brothers Bates and Anthony Battaglia leaped ahead right from the start and never looked back, easily scoring the win over second-place finishers, newlyweds Max and Katie Birchler.

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In the first half of The Amazing Race finale last night, the final four teams — Bates and Anthony, Max and Katie, Caroline Cutbirth and Jen Kuhle, and Beth Bandimere and Mona Egender — battled it out in Northern Ireland. At the end of the leg, Caroline and Jen came in last and were eliminated.

Hockey players Anthony and Bates took over the second half of the race on The Amazing Race 22 finale and powered their way through it like it was nothing. They had already finished the final task of the night before the other teams even arrived. Despite having a massive lead, however, the brothers say they didn’t feel like they had the win in the bag.

“It always felt like [the other teams] were right on our heels,” Anthony Battaglia told The Hollywood Reporter. We were so scared [another team] was going to catch up. It didn’t feel like we were ahead of everybody.

Although CBS tried to stretch things out and inject some drama with a ploy about how maybe they might get lost getting to the final pit stop, it was clear Bates and Anthony were going to win it all.

After who won The Amazing Race 22 was announced, Bates and Anthony celebrated their win with a round of press interviews about their experiences on the show and what they plan to do with their $1 million prize. Of course, Anthony and Bates were infamous on The Amazing Race for their constant jokes, so naturally it was difficult to get them to actually give an honest answer not laced with a hefty dose of humor.

When asked what they are going to do with their $1 million prize, Bates Battaglia joked to THR, “I’m going to try to buy Anthony some new teeth.”

Anthony is missing his front teeth and wears a prosthesis. “With hockey players, we don’t fix our teeth until we’re done playing,” Anthony told MLive.com before The Amazing Race 22 kicked off.

Never one to leave a joke hanging, Anthony said he liked his fake teeth. “I’m so cute in those teeth. No complaints so far.”

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