Who Won The Bachelor 2014 Season 18? Did Juan Pablo Propose?

After a drama-filled but frustrating season, The Bachelor 2014 spoilers for who Juan Pablo Galavis! We aren’t really surprised at who won The Bachelor 18, but you might be surprised at what happened after the final girl got her rose!

The Bachelor 2014 Season 18 - Source: ABC
The Bachelor 2014 Season 18 – Source: ABC

Although The Bachelor 2014 finale tonight may come to a close with a final in the hands of one of the ladies, that doesn’t mean everything turned out roses for her and Juan Pablo in the end. From the rumors we are hearing out there, no matter what happened on the show tonight, things are not smelling so flowery behind the scenes for the Latin lover and his chosen lady!

The Bachelor spoilers source Reality Steve leaked the news quite a while ago that part-time model and pediatric nurse Nikki Ferrell would be the lady who won The Bachelor tonight. The website also claimed that Juan Pablo Galavis was actually offered money to propose to Nikki on the show because he really isn’t that interested in her, and does not want to get married! But, even with a monetary incentive, did Juan Pablo propose? No way, Jose!

The Bachelor 2014 winner Nikki Ferrell

Make no mistake about this season, and you can choose to believe me or not – this was a complete cash grab for Juan Pablo,” Reality Steve said. “He never had any interest in finding a wife on this show, or a step mother for Camila, or whatever else line of BS ABC will run at you all season. This guy wants to act, he wants to be in commercials, he wants to model, and he wants to be on ‘Dancing with the Stars.'”

Regardless of what happened on The Bachelor tonight, Juan Pablo and Nickki Ferrell allegedly don’t even like each other very much at this point, and have been fighting furiously. Which means the real fun may just come after The Bachelor 2014 finale tonight when host Chris Harrison sits down with Juan Pablo and the ladies. We can’t wait to hear what they have to say about this “shocking ending” to the season!

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