Who Won The Biggest Loser 15? Final Results! 1/4/2014

After a long, grueling season, it is finally time to find out who won The Biggest Loser 15! No matter which of the three finalists ended up being The Biggest Loser 15 winner, we think all of them did an amazing job. So give a big round of applause to Rachel Fredrickson, Bobby Saleem, and David Brown for going all the way and never giving up.

Who Won the Biggest Loser 15

Just take a look at these amazing The Biggest Loser 2014 before and after shots of the season 15 top 3 contestants! We honestly just don’t know how they manage to loose this much weight even with the crazy amount of working out they do. Hats off to them all though for facing their inner demons and being the last three standing at The Biggest Loser 15 finale.

The Biggest Loser 15 Top 3

Although the real prize here for all of the contestants is the huge weight loss and fresh new start they’ve gained, everyone would love to win that $250,000 grand prize as well! All of the contestants are winners, but only one person can take home a quarter million dollars to go along with their new lease on life on The Biggest Loser results finale show!

And, of course, there is that huge at-home prize of the $100,000, we couldn’t wait to see who would claim that because all of the previously eliminated contestants were looking amazing tonight! In the end, though, the big at-home winner of the evening was now tiny Tumi Oguntala, who lost an astonishing 175 lbs, or 54.86 percent of her total body weight!

Moving on, it was time to find out who won The Biggest Loser 15 tonight and honestly, we would have been happy for any of the final three. Rachel Fredrickson, Bobby Saleem, and David Brown have been amazing all season long and they all really deserved to be standing there at the finale. We were kind of rooting for Rachel, just because she has been an astounding competitor all season long, but in the end it all comes down to those weight loss percentages.

At the final weigh-in for the last three contestants standing, Bobby stepped on the scale first and it showed he has dropped a brain-bending 188 lbs and 52.51 percent of his body weight. Up next was Rachel, who lost 155 lbs and 59.62 percent of her body weight, which put her ahead of Bobby. The last person to weigh in was David and he dropped of 222 lbs, which is just insane, but that’s only a 54.28 percent loss.

Rachel is The Biggest Loser season 15 winner! She now weighs only 104 lbs, which actually makes us a little bit scared that she’s gone a bit too much the other way. Hopefully she’ll find the right balance and stay healthy and fit forever!

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