The official announcement confirming a Jonas Brothers split has left fans devastated and us questioning WTH happened. Why did the Jonas Brothers break up? What could possibly lead three brothers with an internationally successful band earning millions of dollars to call it quits? Was it just too much ego going on? The rumors of drug and alcohol use? Or did someone just think they were better off flying solo? Ugh, rich people problems.

Jonas Brothers Break UP

Rumors of a Jonas Brothers split have been going on for a while now. Well, virtually since they sort of broke up previously a few years ago and mostly focused on their solo projects. When Paul Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas said they were canceling their comeback tour, fans went wild. Things were not looking good at all.

Although at first the brothers announced they were working through a “deep rift within the band” and nothing was official yet, the writing was on the wall. Then the official Jonas Brothers twitter account was shut down, although Joe Jonas asked fans on his own Twitter feed to “bear with us” while they “get our sh— together.” On Tuesday, the official confirmation went out of a Jonas Brothers break up after a “unanimous decision” for the three of them to go their separate ways. Kevin Jonas told People, “It’s over for now” and said all the brothers had agreed to move on.

None of the brothers are willing to say exactly why the Jonas Brothers broke up or if it might have anything to do with the alleged ‘sober coach’ reportedly following Joe Jonas around. Or Nick Jonas feeling like he would be better off on his own. Or any of the other rumors going viral around the split.

We just think it’s sad that three brothers can’t even get along enough to to go out on a tour you already planned and promoted. Way to screw your fans guys. Nice job. Maybe it’s time for a little family therapy?

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