Why Was Michael Lynche Nearly Eliminated on American Idol Results Show?

American Idol contestant Michael Lynche lucked out big time last night when the judges decided to use their precious ‘save’ to keep him from being voted off the show. We’re glad Big Mike didn’t bite it, but we can’t help but wonder why the hell he was nearly cut in the first place?

Michael Lynche on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Michael Lynche on 'American Idol' (FOX)

The American Idol results show this week started off with all three remaining ladies receiving a pass through to next week. Naturally, we’re delighted that Crystal Bowersox retains her top status, but disappointed Katie Stevens didn’t at least land in the bottom three. It’s not that we dislike her; we just feel she doesn’t measure up against the better contestants. Not that Siobhan Magnus had a terrific week either; her performance for Lennon/McCartney night was mediocre at best.

Still, we didn’t really expect any of the three ladies to be sent home this week. What we were shocked about was the lineup of the guys in the bottom three. We knew things were getting dicey when perpetual bottom boy Tim Urban was placed in a group with Casey James – who is obviously a fan favorite. Michael Lynche, on the other hand, was put over in a group with Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia. Trouble brewing!

Okay, we can get that Michael Lynche might get a bottom three nod for his “Eleanor Rigby” performance this week. It was certainly not one of his best nights. But when we heard he had been voted off by the fans, we really were stunned. Of all the guys this season, Big Mike has proven he’s truly got the vocal chops and he can consistently perform on stage. Some of his performances have been the best of the season. It’s just scary that one night of wrongness could put Lynche below a near-talentless hack like Tim Urban or ultra-weak Andrew Garcia.

When the judges, after much passionate deliberation, announced they were going to grant Big Mike the save, we breathed a hefty sigh of relief. For a contestant like Michael Lynche to go home before Tim Urban, Andrew Garcia or Aaron Kelly would just be seriously painful.

We can’t help but feel America got it all wrong this week with the bottom three lineup. Not only should Michael Lynche never have been there, but Tim Urban and Aaron Kelly absolutely should have been in the bottom two. Urban because he’s sucked his way through the whole season and Kelly because his “Long and Winding Road” this week was torturous to listen to.

Just goes to show, however, that one bad week can make or break you on American Idol. Let’s just hope Crystal Bowersox doesn’t become the victim of one of those bad weeks now that the judges have lost their ability to save anyone else from elimination.

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16 thoughts on “Why Was Michael Lynche Nearly Eliminated on American Idol Results Show?”

  1. I know Michael Lynche has a great voice, but I tire of his paternal/matrimonial whinning. Without sounding too off the wall, Big Mike just hasn’t got the stage presense to contend with the likes of the girls, or James. He just doesn’t have the American Idol image. So sorry.

  2. I was so completly shocked to see Big Mike in the bottom.I now know the teeny boppers do the
    voting for the cute guys with no thought of who
    has the most talent. I hope Mike and Crystal
    are the only two standing in the end. They have
    the most talent. Go big Mike , Go Crystal

  3. I totally agree with this article. Aaron Kelly was a mess the other night and he knew it. The kid was a bunch of nerves. Tim Urban should have been gone before Didi. Katie Stevens should have been voted off before Lily!! I miss Lily!! She had way more talent then most of the girls that remained after her. The judges did a good job keeping Michael in the game. This time around maybe Andrew Garcia and Aaron Kelly will be history.

  4. This was weird, I think big Mike is great! I was really surprised Tim didn’t go to be honest because he’s always in the bottow three even though I love him I still thought he would be out. My favourites are Casey, Crystal and Tim I don’t think people give Tim enough credit, he is much better than what everyone says. I guess it’s jealousy and the fact that just if someone doesn’t like him, everyone has to go along with it. I have liked Tim the best from the start and I am proud to admit it, I really hope he brings out some records and i’d love to be able to vote for him but unfortunately I live in the UK. I hope he knows that there are a lot of people out there supporting him all the way and I think he truly deserves it 🙂

  5. “Big Mike just hasn’t got the stage presence to contend with the likes of the girls”

    Obviously Francis Lynch is a teenager (or only has the experienced of one). Mike is one of only 3 people with stage presence. Mike, Crystal & Siobhan. Lee is an ok singer, but he has no stage presence (he is off pitch too often for my taste, this year no one is on key 100% of the time like Danny g and Adam last year).

    Like Mike said, he is there to entertain, if you want to just listen go to itunes. Kara was right, he had some mad vocals, 3 of the judges liked him, and Simon hates anything theatrical or like a “musical”.

  6. Let’s all remember that it is not necessarily the “weakest” that gets voted off each week, it is the one who gets the fewest first place votes. I can hear/see why Michael didn;t get too many first place votes. Who belives he is really the best of all the remaining contestants?

  7. I think he deserved to get off his high horse and realize that it’s not brawn that’s going to get him to win. His arrogant stage presence is too much for a lot of viewers. He has to tone it down and show some humility. Besides his voice is whiny and his personality does not seem genuine or authentic. Andrew Garcia who everyone is harping on has a groove that he’s never let go of and has a consistent performance every night. I think Big Mike’s being buoyed by the judges unusual liking to him. I do agree that Tim and Aaron should probably be the next ones to go, but mike should not be far behind.

  8. Tim Urban is a parasite in American Idol 2010. He should have not been called back to American Idol 2010 when he was first eliminated. Every week all the teenage girls are voting for him like crazy because he looks like zac efron with his cute smile and pearly teeth. Mike is way better than Tim Urban and Aaron but the majority of voters are teenage girls who want to go on a date with Tim Urban. Might as well crown Tim Urban next week as the winner of American Idol 2010 because of the number of teenage girls who vote 100 times each person for Tim Urban !!!!!

  9. What I find astounding is how Andrew Garcia, who is horrible, week after week, has not yet been voted off and others 100 times better have. I pray that Mike and Crystal will be the last two, they are terrific, none can touch them

  10. Lisa pointed out the personal traits that irritate and alienate voters from “Big Mike” – and leave him not just inauthentic, but an inauthentic jerk in most voters opinion. They also are sick of his cheese and “Father of the Year” self-promotion.
    Allow me to add another big factor. While he has good vocals, he sings that Vandross self-indulgent, “look at me milk notes!” soul-love crooning that has been commercially dead for 25 years and contemporary teens and young adults can’t stand to listen to, let alone buy.

  11. Allow me to add one other thing. The reviewer was wrong about Magnus’s “Across the Universe”. It was inspired by Fiona Apple’s take…and it was pitch perfect, original, and done with command and confidence. Hardly mediocre. Call up Fiona’s version on itunes and listen to Siobhans taking that version to a broader range. Not mediocre. It was a superb, fresh building on Fiona Apples work.

  12. i agree that Crystal and Mike should be the last two standing. i also will add that Lee, Casey and Siobhan should round off the last five.

    without the top five (Crystal, Mike, Casey, Lee and Siobhan) a good number of people will stop watching.

  13. FatMike (I mean BIGMike) is an okay performer, but an average sort. Seen it before and will see it again. He should have gone long ago. The judges using their only “save” was for publicity rather than content. Oh well, he lives on for now. Sioban is amazing and I am sorry to see her go…we’ll hear more from her. CB is the one to watch–she has talent–and a unique style and presence. My favorite since the beginning…

  14. Tim is cool and he deserves some more airtime. Little Jackie Horner (I mean Aaron) needs to go…can’t the sub-18 age fans quit voting after 10 p.m.??? CB is the best of the lot–she is unique, special and has the real talent that American Idol looks and hopes for… CB keep picking the right songs…your talent and authenticity should shine through…

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