Wife Swap Mom Jamie Czerniawski Stabbed Husband Over Affair?

New Jersey mom Jamie Czerniawski has been accused of stabbing her husband Charles with a kitchen knife. Jamie and Charles Czerniawski were featured on a 2006 episode of the reality show Wife Swap, in which Jamie Czerniawski swapped places with a carnival freak-show performer.


Former Miss Teen New Jersey Jamie Czerniawski claims she stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife in “self-defense,” according to a statement give to the New York Post. Charles Czerniawski, however, denies there was any self-defense going on and that his wife wanted to kill him. Czerniawski told the Post that her husband was jealous over a call she received from a male friend and came after her. She slashed him with the knife, she claims, to protect herself.

The Post alleges Czerniawski was having an affair with FDNY Firefighters calendar hunk Michael Biserta – who has his own scandal claim to fame by once doing full frontal nudity for a Guys Gone Wild video. The web site claims they have proof of sexually explicit text messages between Czerniawski and Biserta before the stabbing incident occurred. Biserta, meanwhile, is engaged to girlfriend Danielle Cipriano, whom he plans to marry in 2010.

Czerniawski is facing charges of aggravated assault and is currently free on bail.

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  1. that guy is hot and so caring, the only thing i found annoying was when he was ironing his daughter’s hair, but other than that, he seemed like a cool guy! Super hot. His wife seemed like a spoiled b though. However she wasn’t as bad as the other guy (jeremy) who could not handle any criticism. Obviously cannot handle disagreement. He is probably gloating over the stabbing right now, thinking his family is so much better, but it’s really because of his wife Anna, who does so much and is levelheaded. As long as they clean up their house, stop swearing, and have jeremy be ok with authority; they would be a really good family.

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