Will Lindsay Lohan Ankle Bracelet Keep Her from Drinking?

Lindsay Lohan‘s ankle bracelet may be embarrassing for the struggling starlet, but the alcohol monitoring device may just be the best thing for her. The SCRAMx bracelet will check Lohan’s body every 30 minutes for traces of alcohol. If Lindsay Lohan doesn’t keep away from the liquor, she could end up in jail. We can only hope Lohan will take this as an opportunity to get back on the path to being clean and sober for good.

Lindsay Lohan mug shot (LAPD)
Lindsay Lohan mug shot (LAPD)

Lindsay Lohan’s ankle bracelet is part of a deal to keep the actress out of jail after missing a mandatory court appearance because she was allegedly trapped in Europe after losing her passport. (Yeah, we still don’t believe that one.)

Lohan has to wear the alcohol monitoring device at all times until at least her next court date on July 6th. She was also specifically ordered to refrain from drinking or doing drugs and will be forced to undergo random drug testing. Even under the threat of jail time, however, we wonder if Lohan can really keep herself from falling off the wagon yet again.

Although Lohan may protest that she’s doing just fine, it seems she is pretty much the only person in the world who thinks so. How many more reports of ridiculous behavior, accusations of criminal activity or photos of Lohan falling on her ass outside of nightclubs do we have to have before she realizes she has a serious problem?

Please Lindsay, get a clue and get the help you need. We don’t need to see any more young Hollywood stars landing themselves in an early grave.

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