Will Smith’s New School: “Textbook” Scientology

It looks like Tom Cruise has truly captured Will Smith into Xenu land. Will is bankrolling a new “progressive” school in California, the “New Village Academy”. The school’s director is Smith’s former personal assistant, and is “Director of Philanthropy and Vice President of Smith Holding Group”. She’s also a keen Scientologist. Will is not directly mentioned on the New Village website, but the National Enquirer has tied him to the school, and the press is reporting his connection and financing. Will’s already given $1 million to the fledgling academy, which touts itself as being based on “the latest educational research”. Uh- this stuff is from the 1950’s and ’60s!

Wife Jada Pinkett-Smith is a devout Scientologist, while Will maintains he is not. Tommy’s been working HARD on Will for years, however, and it looks like his hard work is paying off.

At least six of the staff of the school are known Scientologists. The $12,000 a year school employs methods used by Scientology’s Delphi schools, including L. Ron Hubbard’s “Study Tech” (deemed ineffective, useless and possibly harmful to children by mainstream educators). The school also uses Scientology’s “Heron Basics” language program, again seen as pretty worthless by most teachers.

Egomaniac Hubbard is mentioned on the school’s website, which is riddled with Hubbard-speak including “Qual”, a term specific to the sect, which describes the testing and completion of a Scientology audit. “Qual” on the school’s website is where the student is sent to be tested on material. Both the school and L. Ron use “100 percent certainty” as the end goal. “100 percent certainty” is a term exclusive to Scientology, and it’s curious that the school chose THIS description rather than “mastered”, “understanding” or “completion”- terms used by most educators.

The school claims to use other methods of education besides Study Tech and Heron Basics, including the Montesorri method. Sister Montesorri would likely be appalled to have her famed, successful learning methods tossed in with the crazy gibberish of L. Ron Hubbard! The mishmash of educational methods seem to serve only as a cover for the core teachings of crazy “Admiral” L. Ron. Will and Jada have been home-schooling their kids, but they’ll be getting a brainwashing progressive education now!! SURELY Tommy’s concealed Hubbard’s WICKED contempt for African-Americans from the Smiths.

This MIGHT not be the best PR move for Will and Jada- public Scientology pronouncements haven’t helped Tom’s rep at ALL. The internet has become a menace for Xenu’s minions; the formerly secret, crazy and dangerous practices of the sect have now been disclosed for anyone who wants to know. What better way to replace Scientology’s declining membership numbers than to indoctrinate kids and their families through school! No word yet on whether “Dodge-Thetans” will be part of P.E! Poor Suri’s screwed for sure.

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