William Balfour Named Suspect In Jennifer Hudson’s Family Murders


Authorities in Chicago have confirmed that 27 year-oldWilliam Balfour, above, IS in police custody now, and is suspected in the double-homicide of singer-actress Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother today. Balfour is also suspected of abducting Hudson’s nephew, Julian King, age 7. An Amber Alert has been issued for the child, who is 5′ tall, 130 pounds, last seen wearing a tan polo shirt and khaki pants. Balfour is refusing to tell authorities where the boy is. The boy, who may have witnessed the murders, has not been found.


Police have described the murders as resulting from “domestic abuse.” AroundHarlem.com quotes a source in Chicago saying that the murders were committed as an act of revenge. “The Hudson family kicked someone out of a house. He said he’d be back to kill them.” At least one of the victims showed signs of a struggle. Suspect William Balfour’s address that is registered with authorities, is the address of Jennifer’s mother’s home. Neighbors in the area who know the family well say a few weeks ago a family member tried stealing a car, which triggered a heated argument in which the would-be thief promised revenge. No one was named specifically, but Balfour spent nearly 7 years in prison for attempted murder, vehicular hijacking and possession of a stolen vehicle. Balfour was released from the Illinois River Correctional Center in Canton in May 2006.

On Julia’s MySpace page, recently posted a picture of Jason (one of the victims) in a vehicle. The caption below reads, “Jason picking up my ass from work, cause William bitch ass sold my car.”

According to the Illinois Department of Corrections, Balfour is on parole and has spent nearly seven years in prison for attempted murder, vehicular hijacking and possessing a stolen vehicle. He was sentenced to seven years in prison in 1999. He’s 5-foot-5 and weighs 147 pounds. Authorities say he wears his hair in braids now. William Balfour’s Myspace page is here.

William Balfour listed Darnell’s house as his residence within the last year. Balfour’s mother, Michelle, said her son had been married to Hudson’s sister, Julia, for several years, but they were separated. She also said Donerson had ordered him to move out of the family’s home last winter. Paul Ciliano, a former Chicago police officer and CBS News consultant, said the Englewood neighborhood where the crimes were committed is “probably the toughest neighborhood in the city of Chicago.

“This is a notoriously violent area, the most shootings and car hijackings and tough-and-rumble place on the South Side of Chicago.” Ciliano said the first priority of the police right now is locating the missing boy. “That’s their focus. They have the suspect, the number one suspect (and only suspect as far as I know) in custody, so right now all their efforts are going towards finding and locating this child and getting him home safely. He said police are likely questioning Balfour’s acquaintances. “I’m sure they have gotten his cell phone and know everybody he has talked to or texted the last 28 to 48 hours.”

The heartbreaking news comes at a time when Jennifer Hudson has been on top of the world. Newly-engaged and coming off a show-stopping performance at the Democratic National Convention, her single “Spotlight” is on the top of the R&B charts, and her recently released, self-titled debut album has been a top seller. She was featured in this year’s “Sex and the City” movie and “The Secret Life of Bees.” She won an Academy Award for best supporting actress in 2007 for her first film role, in “Dreamgirls”

See Snark Food’s previous detailed post on the murders for more information. Our prayers go out for Jennifer and her family, and that young Julian comes home safely. If you know of anything or anyone that has information on where Julian may be, please contact the Chicago Police Department at 312-745-6052.

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10 thoughts on “William Balfour Named Suspect In Jennifer Hudson’s Family Murders”

  1. This Balfour is a punk thug wanta be. He knows damn well what took place in that house. i can not imagine what this family is going through right now. This animal needs to do the right thing as afr as this child is concerned. Hiw dare he NOT help the cops if he is really oh so innocent. This Balfour is what he is…A Murdering punk. What and the heck this Julia saw in him noone will ever know. Are you women really that hard uop for a man????? To marry a criminal for the god sake. To allow your child around such a person. You women need to smarten heck up. Lepoards DO NOT change their spots. This William is what he is. A MURDERING PUNK. Prayers to the Hudson family…..May this young boy come home alive…..Peace be with you all….

  2. Amen to that. The effin’ thug needs to start talking quick. I pray that Julian is alive somewhere…I fear for the ZERO value placed on human life that is present in this tragedy. Y’all keep up the prayers for this child; I know I am.

  3. I can’t believe William Balfour’s stupid mother on Nancy Grace. “Oh my poor son. Everybody is just lyin’ about him. He never attempted to murder anybody ever before. That man he stoll the car from just shouldn’t tried to stop him from stealin it. He jumped up on the car. Damn he shoulda just let him steal it. Don’t Ya Know he just a poor innocent littl’ baby. All he ever wanted was to just join some gangs, and sleep with all kinda girls. They was just all up in his business.”

  4. this is to jennifer hudson and her sister i really dont no what to say in such a tragic loss but i do no this god is here for you and your love ones and he will strengthen you in your time of sorrow just remember that god is the answer and call on him also he no who commited these crimes and they will be hold accountable and whoever did this need to come
    forward and confess if the suspect did this he need to confess cause he is wronge and have to pay for his actions cause i beleive in my heart he commited the crimes cause he got kick out the house it was and act of revenge for what the news been saying that is a shame god bless you jennifer your family is now your 3
    guardian angels god love you and william balford look guilty he no he did this and he did it because he got kick out the house that what i beleive and everybody else in the world beleive he it too sorry for your loss keep praying and he will come forward soon or later

  5. i am just sendind my deepest prayers with jennifer hudson and sister my name is apple from dallas texas and god is the answer and whoever did this will pay through god cause god no who did it i beleive balford did it and he been in prison for similar crimes too he is guilty else hell he need to just tell the truth apple from dallas

  6. i satting his azz up big buck eyes hair every where a want to be player looking ahot mess like on some type drugs and now he is refuseing to take a lye detective test the whole world no he did this and he will pay for it this is a america i guess he aint never watch cold case file or forenscic file they will find some type of evidence and he will be charge cause he did it and if he didnt he show look guilty he look like norma bates from psycho and have a history of violence i cant wait til they find the evidence they looking for to nail him to these crimes cause he have tore up a nice loving family cause he were to sorry to find a job and pay his own rent he is a scrub and i beleive his motive was because he got kick out the house have the low life men ever heard of workeing instead of been a free loader and his mom need to stay off of tv cause the more she talk the dumber she look if im wrong about this bug eye balford guy then oh well sorry but i doubt it jennifer god is beside you all the way and if you just see one sand of footprints then he is carrying you he will help you through your loss and your sister too love you girl your fan from dallas balford if you did this do the right thing ok cause your guilt is takeing effect on you on tv and you look like a fool for real

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