Workmen Try To Stop Madonna’s Workouts

Madonna has been forced out of her personal gym by the builders who are working on her NEW gym next door. The Vadge spent an astonishing $24 million dollars converting the house next door to her home in London into a state-of-the-art gym.

The Daily Mirror says she’s fed up with the noise, leering construction workers and crude comments when she walks by. MADONNA! Those dudes are NOT hitting on you! Your freaky body-builder physique is hurting their eyes. Those moans are from pain, and they’re begging you to STOP IT! We know you wanna get Britney Spears up in the gym too. Save yourself some time, ‘cuz there’s no way Britney’s gonna put the cheetos down, even if you get your whip out.

Madge spends a reported three hours a day on the treadmill, and apparently mistook the builders’ comments as sleazy. Girl, please. Those dudes don’t wanna bang on someone who could beat the living shizz outa them. Au contraire. They’re bravely trying to perform a public service.

Look, WE GET IT! You’ve been working out. It shows. Bodybuilding does NOT pay well! Now would you PLEASE put on some clothes?

With concern for global eyesight,