X Factor 2012 Episode 5 Recap: A Rock Star’s Daughter Auditions! (VIDEO)

The X Factor season 2 auditions are already drawing to a close and soon the real competition will begin. New The X Factor 2012 judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato seem to be settling in well, while The X Factor USA veterans Simon Cowell and L. A. Reid sit back and enjoy the snarky comments from the newbies. Join us for our The X Factor 2012 episode 5 recap as we watch the next bach of hopefuls face the judges, including the daughter of a very famous rock star, Gene Simmons. Let the next round of The X Factor season 2 auditions begin!


This post contains The X Factor 2012 season 2 spoilers from the premiere episode. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

On The X Factor 2012 auditions tonight, viewers will (hopefully) get to enjoy a very special performer taking the stage to stand before the judges. One of the contestants tonight is the daughter of none other than mega-superstar rocker Gene Simmons of KISS. Can she live up to her dad’s amazing legacy? Or will she crash and burn spectacularly, which might even be more fun to watch?

The X Factor season 2 auditions come to us tonight from all over and we’re hoping there will be some tremendous talent to enjoy this evening. We’re sure there will also be plenty of horrifyingly bad The X Factor USA auditions to endure as well, but there is a handy mute button for that…

Launching the show tonight is a group act by the name of The O.G.’s. They perform “Hello” by Lionel Richie and it is horrible! No way they are going through, goodbye!

Ah hell, here we go with more terrible auditions from Sophia Harlow and Ivan Kurzahlaw. Spare us from the hideous singers who have no idea how badly they suck!

Finally we leave the losers behind (temporarily) and get on with the good stuff. Fifteen-year-old Dinah Jane Hansen gives a surprisingly great rendition of Beyonce‘s “If I Were A Boy” and the judges are in love. She is through to the next round.

The next hopeful up to bat is Arin Ray doing an original song titled “Count On Me”. Arin made the show last year as part of the group “Intensity” but now he wants to make it solo. I’m always loving someone brave enough to audition with their own music, especially when it is good! The judges are all yes for this talented guy.

Next up we have more successful auditions with Natalie Martin, Nick Perrelli, 13-year-old Beatrice Miller and rap duo 145.

Oh goody, now we swing back the other way with another FAIL audition from 52-year-old Changyi Li. She tortures us with “My HEart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. Seriously, I know somewhere they keep a roster of just terrible, terrible ‘singers’ that they call up and pay to do this. No one could ever think that was going to be anything but super embarrassing. As Simon says, that voice could sink an iceberg.

Now we have Austin Corini performing “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes. Not bad and he’s cute as hell, but I don’t think he’s anything seriously special. Just like something out of every boy band ever heard. The judges seem to think he might be more awesome than I do though, so he gets four yes votes and moves through to the next round.

Making a bold move that could easily backfire, Nick Youngerman dares to peform “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice. Amazingly, it’s actually quite entertaining and Britney Spears is dancing and wiggling all over the place. The judges are in, and so is Nick. He is through to Boot Camp.

Now we have another group act, an engaged couple who call themselves ‘Jaime‘. They perform an original song titled “Will You Be My Baby.” Unfortunately for them, this time the original song didn’t help as they are not fantastic and they do not make it through to Boot Camp.

The next contestant has kind of an odd story, but thankfully he also has an awesome voice. David Cory hopes The X Factor will help him to meet his biological mother. He performs “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars and it is fabulous! I always love it when the outside totally doesn’t match the voice that comes out. It is like a surprise party audition. He is through to the next round.

Now we finally get to the famous daughter of the night, Sophie Tweed-Simmons, the daughter of rock legend Gene Simmons of KISS and Shannon Simmons (who are there to cheer her on). She says she wanted to make it on her own without using her dad’s fame. She performs “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele and she is lucky Simon Cowell doesn’t eat her alive considering how much he HATES hearing Adele over and over. Sadly, she really is not a spectacular singer. She isn’t terrible, she’s just not ‘wow’. L. A. gives her a no vote, but the other three vote yes and pass her through to Boot Camp.

Tara Simon is the next singer up on stage and she performs “Without You” by David Guetta. Not bad, but it struggled in places in my opinion. Still, she manages to work it out and the judges put her through to the next round.

The next competitor is Daryl Black with “Stereo Hearts” by Gym Class Heroes. I think there are better sings in the competition so far, but I like this guy’s heart and soul. So do the judges and he is going to Boot Camp.

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  1. For the most part The X Factor has been pretty consistent in
    picking talent. There are some questionable acts here and there that I would
    never have put through to boot camp. A perfect example here would be Tara Simon.
    If you’re doing an audition with a male lead that starts low, you should definitely
    adjust your key a little to hit those notes. Then again I’m not a professional.
    I thought that Changyi Li’s audition was
    the most hilarious and painful so far. I can appreciate her guts in auditioning
    but was there someone responsible for telling her she could sing?

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