X Factor 2012 Season 2 Recap: Auditions Round 4 – The Confusing Cowboy (VIDEOS)

In our The X Factor recap of round 4 of the season 2 auditions tonight, viewers can look forward to more wild and wacky performances, including Kelvin McMangle, whom I’ve dubbed the ‘confusing cowboy’. Just wait until you see The X Factor 2012 judges — Britney Spears, Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato and L. A. Reid — trying to figure this guy out!

As the second week of The X Factor 2012 auditions for season 2 end, we’ll also have some more fantastic performances from fresh new faces like 17-year-old Willie Jones and 18-year-old Julia Bullock. Join us for our The X Factor 2012 recap of round 4 of the The X Factor season 2 auditions and be sure to tell us who are your favorites from tonight’s show!


This post contains spoilers from The X Factor 2012 auditions for season 2. Please stop reading if you do not want to know what happened!

The X Factor USA 2012 auditions continue tonight from Greensboro, NC. New The X Factor 2012 judges panel member Britney Spears is pleased to be in the South, although apparently the whole town is auditioning for the show as it seems to be empty of people… Poor Demi Lovato, however, looks like something the cat dragged in because she’s exhausted from doing The X Factor season 2 auditions and touring at the same time. Simon Cowell stops in at Jake’s for a platter of the best grits in Greensboro and some coconut cream pie before The X Factor 2012 auditions round 4 begin.

The first performer up for the evening is 17-year-old Louisiana native Willie Jones. He drove 14 hours to get to The X Factor 2012 auditions and he really doesn’t want to be sent right back home empty handed. He has a voice that doesn’t really go so much with his looks, very country and low, but good.

Judges: L. A Reid calls him a total original and perfect. Britney Spears says she is surprised and it was very original. Demi thinks he is very likeable and she loves him. Simon says Willie was more than he expected and he has a great recording voice; this is why The X Factor 2012 judges came to Greensboro for auditions. All the judges vote Yes.

Now we have one of those totally weird auditions that have become a staple on The X Factor USA with ‘confusing cowboy’ Kelvin McMangle. Poor Kelvin is just embarrassing to watch and I kind of hate how these shows put these folks on stage just to make fun of them. He forgets what he is supposed to sing and his accent is really thick, he mumbles, and it is very hard to figure out what the heck he is saying/singing.

[Video coming soon]

Judges: Obviously this guy is just for ‘entertainment’ value and isn’t going to get a serious critique. Simon Cowell says he couldn’t understand a single word of it. Britney Spears says she is afraid she might be related to this guy. The judges (except Simon) mock the guy as they vote no by pretending to have Southern accents. Sad.

Julia Bullock, 18, has brought some drama with her to The X Factor 2012 auditions. She is accompanied not only by her family, but also by her ex-band members. The judges want to know why they came but aren’t auditioning. Julia’s ex-boyfriend, Christian, says she broke up the band. Happily plowing ahead solo, Julia sings “Pumped Up Kicks” by Taylor Swift and wows the judges. Her ex is not looking pleased at all…

Judges: Simon says he likes her look and thinks she is really, really good. He says she is one of his favorite auditions so far. Britney says she is a star and has a unique voice. L. A. says she is exactly what he is looking for from the moment she stepped on stage. Demi says she is super talented and she really likes her. It’s a yes from all the judges.

Let’s move on now to ‘crazy town’ with 21-year-old singer Krysten Colon. unfortunately for Krysten, she chooses an Adele song, “Don’t You Remember”. Simon Cowell has already said in a previous audition this season that he is sick of hearing Adele songs. She actually sounds pretty decent, but Simon cuts her off sharply and says she doesn’t sound original and needs to come back with something else when she is less nervous. He doesn’t want her to sing a gospel song either, hell tells her to go classic. I think Simon just does not like this girl for some reason.

Single Dad Jeffrey Gutt is one of those ‘sob story’ auditions. He thinks this is his last chance to pursue his dream. This is the first time, he says, his son Talon has ever heard him sing. He performs one of the most overdone songs in reality TV talent competitions, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. Thankfully, he’s seriously awesome and gets a standing ovation all around.

Judges: The judges are all wild for Jeffrey. Britney Spears even tears up. L. A. says he was unbelievable and killed it. Britney says she totally loved it and loves the mystery in his voice. Demi says it was amazing and when thunder rumbles through the building, she says even God is rocking it. Simon says he has heard that song over and over and this was one of the best auditions he has ever heard. Four yes votes for Jeffrey!

Watch Britney Spears get freaked out by lightning as the storm in Greensboro, NC gets worse.

With that amusing tidbit to sustain us, let’s move on with our recap.

Skipping past some just terrible, but thankfully brief auditions, Krysten comes back on stage again. The building is leaking, outside it is storming like crazy, but Krysten tries her best to conquer “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston. It does not, unfortunately, go well for her. At moments she sounds great, but at other times it is a wreck. I think all the nerves have just gotten to her.

Judges: Simon says the song just didn’t work. L. A. says she blew it and her voice is just not good enough. The judges are not so nice and Krysten is sent away again with four no votes. She loses it backstage, going nuts. She throws a water bottle at a camera man. She tries to hide from the camera using a chair. She runs out into the rain with drama flying after her…

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  1. Man Willie Jones was awesome tonight! When he started singing in that deep voice I was so surprised. The talent this week has been so much better than the premier week was. I forgot to record this episode so I could go back and watch Willie’s performance again so I’m glad I had Prime Time Anytime turned on. My Hopper automatically records all the prime time shows on the four major networks for me. Julia and Jeffery were also amazing tonight. I can’t wait to see what my officemates at DISH thought about all their performances. This episode has me really excited about this season of X Factor for the first time.

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