X Factor Season 2 Live Recap: Episode 12 – Top 16 Performances! (VIDEO)

The X Factor season 2 live shows begin tonight and the top 16 singers will give their first live performances. The X Factor 2012 judges Britney Spears, Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato and L.A. Reid will be critiquing the contestants to determine who will be cut in tomorrow night’s elimination results show. Who will shine in their first The X Factor 2012 season 2 live performance? Will new The X Factor hosts Khloe Kardasian and Mario Lopez be fabulous or fall flat? Join us for our live The X Factor USA season 2 recap and watch the action with us!


This post contains spoilers from The X Factor 2012 season 2, episode 12. Please stop reading if you do not want to know what happened!

Sadly for those who were hoping that one of the eliminated contestants, such as powerhouse vocalist Jillian Jensen, would be coming back as a wild card, it’s a no go. The X Factor USA boss and judge Simon Cowell revealed in a press statement that there will be no wild card acts returning this season. In particular, he agreed with Demi Lovato eliminating Jillian Jensen, who talked about being severely bullied and cried a lot, because she was too “gloomy” and depressing. Ouch.

Simon Cowell also quite rudely stated in a recent interview that he does not believe anyone in the over-25 category stands any chance at all of winning The X Factor 2012 season 2. Well, with a coach that was seriously pissed off at having to mentor them and basically called them losers to their face during the Judges’ Homes round, what do you expect?

After The X Factor top 16 perform on tonight’s live show, the judges will cut ‘several’ contestants on Thursday night’s elimination results show. Simon Cowell has refused to specify how many singers will be eliminated. According to The X Factor USA spoilers for tomorrow night’s show, some of the contestants will be declared “safe” at the beginning of the show. The rest will then have to engage in a ‘sing-off’ to try to win a place in the next round. (Kind of like The Voice, right? Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Going into the show tonight, here is the current breakdown of The X Factor season 2 top 16 finalists and their respective teams:

Team Simon Cowell (groups):

  • Emblem 3 – Drew Chadwick, Keaton Stromberg and Wesley Stromberg
  • LYLAS: Ally Brooke, Camila Cabello, Normani Hamilton, Dinah Jane Hansen and Lauren Jauregui
  • Lyric 145 (One4Five & Lyric Da Queen): Julien Joseph, Jemelle Joseph and Lyric-Bianca Barnes
  • Sister C: Carli Rayne Manchaca, Celbi Manchaca and Cirby Ryan Manchaca

Team Demi Lovato (young adults): CeCe Frey, Jennel Garcia, Willie Jones and Paige Thomas

Team L.A. Reid (over-25): Vino Alan, Tate Stevens, Jason Brock and David Correy

Team Britney Spears (teens): Beatrice Miller, Arin Ray, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Diamond White

Hopefully tonight on The X Factor 2012 we’ll see some truly great performances. We’ll also probably be gifted with some horribly spectacular moments of fail as well. Let’s get right on with our The X Factor recap of the first live performances round and find out!

Paige Thomas (Team Demi Lovato) – “What Is Love”

Judges: L. A. says Paige was very dramatic, looked and felt like a star. However, he did not like the song choice. Britney says Paige is a true star and her performance was just outrageous. The costume was awesome. Simon says a star is an artist who cna work in the real world and Paige nailed it. He liked the song choice, but it was annoying to have to see Demi Lovato’s smug face! Demi says she is incredibly proud of Paige and it was an amazing way to open the show.

Arin Ray (Team Britney Spears) – “Keep Me Hangin’ On”

Judges: L. A. was not loving the vocals very much. Demi says she couldn’t hear the vocals because of all the girls screaming. Simon thinks his vocals were off because of everything happening on stage. He says Arin has the swagger and self-confidence to make a pop star. He was impressed. Britney says she was so proud of him.

David Correy (Team L. A. Reid) – “Your Love is My Love”

Judges: Britney says David was just amazing. Demi thinks he sounded very good. Simon thinks it was an interesting song choice. He says the performance was manic and kind of desperate. The song choice did not create an artistic direction, it was random. L. A. says he sounded really good and it felt right.

Sister C (Team Simon Cowell) – “Hell on Heels”

Judges: L. A. isn’t sure about the song choice since they’ve already performed it before. So that was kind of safe. Britney says it was a stunning performance. Demi says she felt let down because she was hoping for a better performance and it was kind of stiff. Simon says it was a fantastic performance and the song was great. He’s very proud.

Jannel Garcia (Team Demi Lovato) – “Home Sweet Home”

Judges: L. A. says he is surprised to say it was a 10. He says he is convinced she could win and it was a great song choice. Britney says Jannel rocked it out and it was amazing. She loves her hair. Simon says she defined the theme of the night with that song, made in America. However, he says Demi has tried to make her a clone. He liked it when she was more free, but the performance was amazing. Demi says she is so proud she feels like crying. She listened to everything she was told and she is a rock star. She sees her going far.

Diamond White (Team Britney Spears) – “Hey Soul Sister”

Judges: L. A. says it was very strong but a little mechanical in the beginning. She worked it out and made it hers by the second verse. Demi says the song choice was great, her voice is the strongest in the competition and she is adorable. She wants to see her have more fun. Simon says the talent tonight is blowing him away. He sees a massive transition and thinks Britney did a great job with Diamond. There were a few pitch issues, but massive improvement. Britney says she is really impressed and proud.

Vino Allan (Team L. A. Reid) – “Gotta Be Someone”

Judges: Britney says he was good and she could feel how hard he tried. Demi says she was really rooting for him. It was a bit shaky at the start but really good by the end. Simon says he has an amazing voice and he likes him, but the arrangement of the song was wrong because he is more of a soul singer than a rock singer. L. A. says Vino has had criticism all his life and a little more tonight is not going to stop him.

Lyric145 (Team Simon Cowell) – “Boom Shake The Room”

Judges: L. A. says he loves them but it sounds like the soul is gone. It sounds like they were spun around in a washer and this was not hip-hop. Britney says she was generally entertained. Demi says she is a little worried about this group because they are so good, although she agrees with L. A. She had fun watching them. Simon says he thinks they were absolutely terrific and there needs to be commercial acts in a competition like this.

CeCe Fry (Team Demi Lovato) – “Because the Night”

Judges: L. A. thinks it was really strong but the vocals left a little to be desired. Britney says the vocals were weak but she loved the performance. Simon says he likes that they are fearless even though the vocals aren’t the best he has heard. He thinks she is someone that needs to be in this competition though. Demi says she could do better with her voice but she is a pop star.

Tate Stevens (Team L. A. Reid) – “I Thought I Was Tough”

Judges: Britney says she is wowed every time she hears Tate perform and he is amazing. Demi says she was a little bored at first, but then he gave her the chills. She thinks he is going to go far. He doesn’t need the band and the dancers. Simon says he likes that he knows exactly what kind of artist Tate should be. He is a good, honest man that needs a break. That song, however, was not a favorite for him and he is better when he doesn’t push his vocals so much. L. A. says he is really proud and Tate was really good. Well done, he is a keeper.

Beatrice Miller (Team Britney Spears) – “I Won’t Give Up”

Judges: L. A. says one of the biggest ingredients in being a pop star is being loveable and he loves her. Demi says she she came out, she rocked it. She is very impressed. Simon says Britney chose the right style of music for her. He likes her, but they need to sort the vocals out a bit more. Britney says she disagrees with Simon and Beatrice did great.

Jason Brock (Team L. A. Reid) – “Dance Again”

Judges: Britney says she thinks he could have gone with a better song, but it was entertaining. Demi says she loved it because Jason made it his own but it wasn’t the right song choice. Simon says he likes Jason but the whole thing was horrendous from what he is wearing to the song to the choreography. Everything about it was wrong and for him, it doesn’t get any worse. L. A. says he enjoyed it, it was fun and Simon is a hater.

1432 – formerly LYLAS (Team Simon Cowell) – “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Judges: L. A. says it was very karaoke and like a talent show. He says their mentor failed them, but there is hope. Britney says she liked the energy. Demi says she knows they have more potential but only one group member shined tonight. Simon says he has had a lot of success with groups. He thinks they are fantastic but there is work to do. He thinks the public is going to love them.

Willie Jones (Team Demi Lovato) – “Here for the Party”

Judges: L. A. says it was very entertaining. He didn’t get goosebumps but it was decent. Britney says she thinks Willie is a real star and he has what it takes. Simon says he thinks it was silly and did not show off his vocals. He thinks it was cheap on an important night and what he and the dancers were wearing was inappropriate. Demi says his mentor is someone 20 years old and people like fresh things. Maybe it didn’t work 100 years ago when Simon was doing this stuff.

Carly Rose Sonenclar (Team Britney Spears) – “I Get a Feeling”

Judges: L. A. says he loves her voice but it didn’t seem like she was having fun. Demi says she has one of the best voices in the competition, but that can be a curse as well as a blessing. It doesn’t seem like she is having fun. Simon says he doesn’t agree with that but he thinks she was not comfortable with the song. She could have done a better song with her brilliant voice. Britney says she thinks her voice was amazing and she did a great job.

Emblem3 (Team Simon Cowell)

Judges: L. A. says it was unbelievable. Britney says it was amazing. Demi says these guys make her swoon. Simon says he liked them the first time he saw them. Working hard and being committed is what it is all about. They are future superstars.

That’s all she wrote tonight. Join us here again tomorrow night for our X Factor 2012 season 2 elimination results recap when we bring you the first round of cuts from the top 16! Bookmark us or friend us on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest celebrity gossip, entertainment news, TV recaps and more!

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