American Idol 2012: DeAndre Brackensick Says He Got Enough Chances

DeAndre Brackensick, the latest contestant to be voted off American Idol 2012, says he thinks he got enough chances to shine on the show and didn’t need to be saved again. After Brackensick was ranked last by voters, American Idol judges Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler refused to use their ‘save’ to keep him on the show, although judge Jennifer Lopez did give the young singer her vote.

In a phone press conference on Friday, DeAndre Brackensick said he loved how much support he received from the American Idol 2012 judges, even though they did not come together on elimination night to give him another chance.

“I really loved how the judges stood by my back, you know?” Brackensick said. “I love our judges. What you see on TV is what you get off TV, because they’ve always been supporting me since the beginning. It just made me feel good, really good.”

Talking about getting voted off, DeAndre Brackensick said he was glad he was eliminated when and how he was. “I went off on a good note. I went off happy. It wasn’t a sad moment in the way where I had a regret or I did something wrong. I have no regrets. I feel like I did what I needed to do and I just got cut just because of competition sake.”

Although he certainly would have loved to stay in the American Idol 2012 competition, Brackensick said he did not need to have yet another chance given to him by the judges. “I just think because … I was a ‘Wild Card,’ I just think I don’t need to be saved again. This is my second chance from last year, so it’s my second chance at Idol, and then I got a second chance with the “Wild Card.”

“You only get so many second chances in life and you just need to make good of what you have now,” Brackensick said. “I think even getting this far, I could build something off of this. I think they believe in me too, so I don’t really need the whole show to be who I want to be.”

One good thing about being eliminated, according to Brackensick, is that he will be able to attend his high school prom. Plus, he feels his American Idol 2012 experience will give him a much-needed boost of confidence when he goes.

“This brought the confidence out of me, because at the previous dances, I worked as like a coat-taker or ticket-taker and stuff like that,” Brackensick said. “I feel comfortable enough [now] to go to a prom and just enjoy it. I’m glad I get to enjoy life as a kid, just the little things as a kid, and then get to go enjoy the high life of Idol. So I guess it’s the best of both worlds.”

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