American Idol 2012 Elimination Results Top 4: Who Got Voted Off?

On the American Idol 2012 elimination results show Thursday night, the remaining contestants faced down the voters to find out who would make the American Idol 2012 top 3. The predictions for who got voted off American Idol this week were somewhat varied, but the majority seemed to lean toward Hollie Cavanagh as the mostly likely to get the boot and Jessica Sanchez as the least likely to go home. However, both Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips were considered to be in possible danger in some fan polls, so you never know exactly what unpredictable move the voters might make this week!

So who was voted off American Idol 2012 this week? Did Hollie Cavanagh manage to squeak through yet another round thanks to her incredibly supportive fans? Did Joshua Ledet or Jessica Sanchez end up in the bottom two despite more standing ovations for both of them from the judges? Or was it Phillip Phillips whose tween fans just didn’t have enough power this week to get him to the top 3? Read on in our American Idol 2012 results show recap to find out!


Please stop reading here if you have not seen Thursday night’s episode and do not want to know who was voted off American Idol 2012 this week!

In my American Idol 2012 predictions for this week’s elimination results show, I wavered a bit on who would end up in the bottom two. Trying to bolster my own gut feelings, I scanned a ton of American Idol 2012 fan sites and check out various other predictions and fan polls. Unfortunately this proved to be absolutely no help at all. While I would say the majority of places I scanned agreed with my opinion on who got voted off American Idol this week, the predictions for who would be in the bottom two were widely varied.

While most American Idol predictions for who would go home this week pointed to Hollie Cavanagh finally getting the boot, fans seemed to be widely torn about whether it would be Phillip Phillips or Joshua Ledet standing with her in the bottom two. Joshua Ledet has received universal praise and endless standing ovations from the judges, but all that attention seems to have stirred a rather negative backlash against him among some fans. Plus, all those tween girls out there are voting for Phillip Phillips, which gives him a very strong voting block against Joshua Ledet. However, Phillip Phillips had a weak first song last night and his support has wavered a bit in recent weeks. A considerable number of fans seem to be just tired of him and his ‘quirky’ persona and are ready to seem him go.

For the American Idol 2012 results show Thursday night, I finally decided my guess would be that Phillip Phillips and Hollie Cavanagh would end up in the bottom two, but I would not be surprised if it should turn out to be Joshua Ledet down there instead of Phillip. Either way, however, I really do think it will be Hollie Cavanagh who goes home this time.

So who got voted off American Idol 2012 in the top 4 elimination results show on Thursday? Well let’s move right along to those results and find out shall we?

Opening the show tonight we have the American Idol 2012 top 4 singing “California Dreamin'” by The Mommas & The Papas. American Idol alumni David Cook and judge Jennier Lopez will be performing tonight as well.

Host Ryan Seacrest calls up Phillip Phillips first. Jimmy Iovine thinks Phillips really came into his own last night and was magnficent on “Volcano” last night. He says if he had seen that in a club, he would have signed him right away. So, if Phillip Phillips doesn’t win American Idol 2012, will Jimmy Iovine sign him and make that statement not BS?

Instead of telling us anything about Phillip’s fate, Ryan Seacrest weirdly then sends him back to the couches to wait to find out his fate later. Fake out.

Hollie Cavanagh comes out to center stage to find out if she is in the bottom two or if she will get another miraculous pass this week. Jimmy Iovine says “I Can’t Make You Love Me” last night was terrible and she crashed and burned, but “Faithfully” worked out for her.

One of my favorite Amerian Idol winners hits the stage next, David Cook with his new single “The Last Song I’ll Write For You.”

Joshua Ledet is brought up on stage next. Jimmy says he thought “You Raise Me Up” was not the best song choice for Joshua on American Idol last night and it let him down. However, he thought Joshua’s second song choice “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” was a brilliant and captivating piece of magic and he just wants to watch it over and over.

Now Joshua is sent back to the couches as well! Grrrr…

Jessica Sanchez is next to the center of the stage. Jimmy Iovine says he thinks Jessica’s first song had too much old tricks, but on the second song she brought everything and murdered it; it was shock and awe.

Jessica has bent sent back to the couch as well and all of the top 4 are now sitting together.

Now we have another performance to interupt the results and keep us waiting as Jennifer Lopez hits the stage. She is promoting her new tour with Enrique Iglesias and grinds out her new single “Dance Again” with boy toy boyfriend Casper Smart.

Finally we have some results! It looks like the first person declared safe this week is… Jessica Sanchez! Not a big shocker there. We are also getting a second person declared safe by the voters this week… Joshua Ledet! It will be Hollie Cavanagh and Phillip Phillips in the bottom two.

Here we go, the final result! Who got voted off American Idol 2012 this week? Scroll down to find out!


  • Joshua Ledet
  • Jessica Sanchez


  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Phillip Phillips


  • Hollie Cavanagh

There we have it, the viewers have spoken and now we know who got voted off American Idol 2012 this week. What do you think of who the voters sent home Thursday night? Do you agree with the choice or do you think they were totally off their rockers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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65 thoughts on “American Idol 2012 Elimination Results Top 4: Who Got Voted Off?”

  1. i really believe this years season is rigged people are there who have no business being there reallY

  2.  i know it is rigged…..hollie, skylar and colton were not suppose to be voted off when they did.  The american voters chose another to be voted out but Idol rigged it keeping their favorites. It’s clear their favs are josh and jessica, then phillip. But really Josh should have went tonight.

  3. They dragged poor Hollie under the bus for weeks and weeks.  Jessica is a pro…singing since she was 3 or 4… not fair… JL went out of her skull the night JESSICA was eliminated… would she have done the same for Hollie? Not.   Hollie is classy and hopefully will be successful in the future.  The judges this year have been absolutely awful.

  4. JLo would not have used the save for Hollie if there were two saves simply because she doesn’t deserve it and you know that!  Someone has to go home, and she was the weakest link.

  5. I sat and listened intently each week to each singer and the judges comments. Hollie easily could have won, and I think the judges slanted the whole situation. My feelings right now, I’m considering quiting the show

  6. Hollie should not have gone home! If anything it should have been phillip or josh both of them don’t have nowhere near enough range as Jessica or Hollie! And both girls are younger which makes them more unique for their talent! What happened to American idol? Ever since we got new judges this show has totally gone downhill! This stupid show is rigged!

  7. I agree. Hollie was the weakest link.  Still she  is a good singer. But for this contest “let the best mqn win”

  8. there is no bottom 3 or 2 rubbish it says on another site still am happy with hollie away awwwwwwwwww thank god!

  9. jessica ought to be with joshua in the top two. Both are really good but jessica has a more amazing vocals.

  10. Hollie is the best.  The judges slanted it so she would be voted off.  Not fair.  She is MUCH better than Phillip Phillips.  He always look like he is straining when he sings.  I don’t know what the judges see in him.

  11. I personally think that phillip phillips should have been sent home along time ago, this is a singing competition not a personality or looks competition! jessica should win the whole thing now!

  12. My personal favorit is Philip Philips I love his style his sound is different than any other year I would by his album in a heart beat he is so cute to watch. I would love to see him win. 

  13. You serious josh would sing circles around Hollie. Josh has has consistent feet performances Hollie hasn’t. Simple as that. Plus Hollie shouldn’t have even been on the top four. Good riddance to her

  14. Josh is literally the best on the show, and Jessica too. Jessica is 16 years old and can sing almost as well as Whitney Houston. You guys are ridiculous. Hollie didn’t even deserve to make it past Elise. And skylar would have been voted off by now too, so it doesn’t really matter. The top two should be Joshua and Jessica, not because Idol wants it that way, but because they are the best. Are you all tone deaf..?

  15. America got it right.  Josh to win.  OK Jessica is great for a 16 year old but wouldn’t be able to cope with the stress of winning.

  16.  WTF I agree.  The show is looking pretty bad.  It has to be rigged.  Why is Phillip even on the show. He can’t sing his way out of a paper bag.  Holly Shitttttt. Hollie has much more talent than Phillip will ever have. The show has really shown it’s TRUE colors.

  17.  I quit the show.  Hope they hear some of our comments.
    The show has become a joke and really has to be rigged

  18. Done with idol !! Skylar was the best entertainer on the show. Jessica is  spoiled, stuckup and not nearly as good as she thinks she is or the judges have made her out to be. Jennifer and Steven are jokes as judges….Idol lost its way when Simon left. Done!

  19. It was crazy and so wrong that Hollie was voted off!!! She out sings Phillip every week and the judges constant battering of her was usually unjustified. Phillip should have went home!

  20. Josh is the best singer i have ever heard in my life! Phillip is the same ole american idol winner like dautry etc.. I WANT JOSH TO WIN….WAKE UP AMERICA

  21. Wtf i cant believe that hollie got voted off but this is really going to be an emotional time for people because its the three best and i love Jessica sanchez.

  22. You are obviously tone deaf. Jessica can sing anything they throw at her. And how is she spoiled or stuck up? And by the looks of it on the show skylar is the stuck up one who thinks she’s the best of the best.

  23. Sad to see Hollie leave. Really sweet personality and willing to take direction to learn more – could have a great career in front of her….

  24. its all in what kind of music u like but I think that joshua sould have went home a long time ago

  25. Joshua should go home!!!!!! I can’t stand him, he screams like a drag queen, and his tone is ugly, Phillip, I don’t even know what this guy is doing over there, waste of time to look this program !!!! 

  26. Holly is the only one who didn’t scream and yell her guts out. She has a truly beautiful amazing voice. It was clear from the start that the judges were not fair with her. 

  27. Philip is good, but he dont deserve top 3, maybe if skylar was not voted of a different story..

  28. Please stop comparing Hollie to Jessica bcoz Jessica “started” at 100% and Hollie started at 20% meaning even If Hollie’s improving right now, which makes her reach 30% of her potential, Jessica is still incomparable.. I am a British too! but Hollie is not as good as “Jessie J or Jessica Sanchez! I need to speak my mind, Hollie deserved to Go home.Sorry.Love you Hollie.. Top 3 should be “Jessica,Joshua and Phillip” :))

  29. You must be a Hardcore Tone Deaf and Die Hard Redneck!! Grow up Man!!! Jessica is the BEST. In your face.. Her performances in American Idol Deserved 100% SOs! But She did’nt get it… Please engage your brain before opening your mouth.HATER! LOL! :p

  30. Alot of posters who just don’t understand the show. First it is a popularity show,voted by the viewers so the best do not always stay on the show.Second Holly was 4th best and it was her time to go.Phillip,Joshua and Jessica all possess more talent than her.I think she did get better the last 3-4 shows but lacked confidence and I’m surprised she made it past top 7.I think she was surprised also.I believe her lack of confidence was her biggest negative. 

  31. Joshua shoud have been voted off because he screamed and screeched too much .  That kind of skill is good when singing at a church, but at a concert it’ll be terrible .

  32. You are clearly tone deaf, josh is d best among them and he deserves to win……josh has a power house voice and his voice gives the judges and d audience goosy….

  33. Its a singing competition and nt about if you act like an american idol or nt, joshua has a power house voice and its really obvious that’s why he’s been able to get endless standing ovation from the judges……

  34. to be honest i believe hollie should have gone home weeks ago. as much as i dislike country i believe skylar showed more improvement and versatility even though she is a coutnry singer. i also believe that colton and elise should still be there.

    jessica is a great singer but she just has not impressed me since they got to like top 12. none of her songs have really wowed me and i cant really remember a single song she sang. i cant say the same for phillip or colton. i remember all of their songs.

  35. wish more people would realize its not even about talent anymore.also hollie never should have gotten past skylar, elise, or colton.

  36. Phillip is AMAZING!
    People that say he should have gone this week are crazy… -_- Enough said

  37. Joshua is amazing. If he doesn’t win then the show is a fix. Hollie was weakest, just bland. Phillip was good at start but think he will go next. Josh singing mans world was up there for best idol performance

  38. I like them all but I think Joshua has the perfect voice for gospel….and only gospel, his voice just doesn’t fit anything else to me! Not that its a bad thing, we need gospel singers too!! Top 2 for me are Jessica and Phillip. They will all get record deals anyway!!

  39. Hollie is so the best. Don’t know what the judges were thinking when they eliminated her.

  40. I still believe they didn’t said P2 and Hol is the bottom 2~ they just don’t reveal it. 🙂

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