American Idol 2012: Phillip Phillips Postpones Surgery Until After Finale

American Idol 2012 top 2 finalist Phillip Phillips is in desperate need of surgery, but has decided to postpone the procedure until after the finale this week. Phillip Phillips suffers from serious kidney issues and he has been urged by his family physician that he needs immediate surgery.

Throughout his time on American Idol 2012, Phillip Phillips has been battling severe kidney problems. Early in the competition, he was forced to have a temporary stint implanted to keep his body functioning until he could undergo surgery.

In addition to feeling terrible on more than one performance night, Phillip Phillips has also had to deal with “dry mouth” as a side effect of the medications he is on. The young singer was forced to miss several offsite production sessions and had to skip shooting on some of Ford commercials the American Idol 2012 cast regularly filmed during the season.

Music producer and American Idol 2012 mentor Jimmy Iovine has mentioned Phillip Phillips’ medical issues on the show as part of why he may not have performed at his best on some nights.

Phillip Phillips reportedly visited with his family doctor when he was back home in Georgia on Saturday, May 19. The American Idol 2012 finalist reportedly looks horrible and has not been eating. The physician was allegedly very alarmed and told Phillips he was in dire need of immediate surgery. However, Phillips reportedly decided he just could not miss the American Idol 2012 finale and has delayed his surgery until after the finals.

Once Phillip Phillips does go under the knife, his recovery from the surgery could take at least 6 weeks, which will certainly put a damper on his post-American Idol 2012 finale promotions if he does turn out to be the winner.

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19 thoughts on “American Idol 2012: Phillip Phillips Postpones Surgery Until After Finale”

  1. hopefully coming out with this news is not an attempt to get  sympathy votes from America. JL and JS shld’ve been in the finale, purely bec AI is a “singing” competition for the best singers in the bunch, not who’s good looking or has more sex appeal. I wonder if PP is butt ugly if his female supporters would still be as sincerely dedicated to him. 

  2. Here comes begging for symphaty votes. I been hearing the same issue for Phillip2 since the top 12 or top 10. Either get the surgery or shut up already. Just like when the Judges pimping Joshua so bad, now pimping for symphaty votes? Why nobody mention it when Jessica was having throat problem and could not hardly talk, that’s why she tone down all her songs during top 3 contest?

  3. People can be so insensitive!! I’ve been watching the show the whole season & haven’t even heard about his serious kidney issues until last week.  They never even said why he wasn’t  in the Ford commercials on the show.  This is not about sympathy votes.   They are both very deserving and I would be happy for either one of them to win it but it would really be better for Phillip if Jessica did win it so he can take care of himself.   His health is more important.  Good Luck to both of them & May God Bless them!

  4. Having dealt with similar issues that Phillip is going through, I am fairly certain he has been in pain.  I am also fairly certain he would rather not have the whole world know what he is dealing with.  Winning a contest would not be enough reason for me or likely Phillip to want to share this info, so I am guessing it was leaked by someone outside of his circle.  Why don’t you look up what is involved with having a Stent for kidney stones involves, pretty sure Jessica’s sore throat will seem like a mosquito bite.  Either way, shame on AI for letting this info out.  The kid deserves a shade of privacy and he certainly doesn’t need some idiot sharing their opinions on his pain.  Go read about your favorite elsewhere and quit lurking here.  They both deserve to be here, either one of them is worthy of the win, but from where I’m sitting Jessica’s fans are far more immature than her 16 years.  Do her a favor and show a tiny bit of the grace she has shown throughout the season and shut up about ANYTHING that doesn’t involve singing.

  5. why repeating this issue again when it was an issue weeks ago???? Let’s just wait and see who will crown 2012 American idol. They area very good in threir own right and I respect tnat.There area comments of both sides that are not good and must be ashamed of themselves but understood your passions to your idols. May the best contestant win……by the way,I am a filipina…..

  6. Health is your wealth man, get over sympathy for him..why they keep possing this kind of news  now that they are in the sure that they a hidden agenda.hmmmm

  7. Phillips Fans are posting this kind of news so they can get sympathy to the people, honestly they are doing this because they know that phillips is no MATCH OF JESSICA’S VOICE, and this the only way they can get votes..sad. so sad.

  8. of course, the PP fans will be on the defensive, no surprise there, yup, haven’t they mentioned it several times that he’s sick or unwell? It’s “his” choice to stay in the show. Yeah, why bring out this issue now that it’s so close to the finale…hmm…coincidence? not! At least those who are “smart” and know a talent even if they’re blindfolded will know how to vote. Again, if PP wasn’t the cutie or hottie as young girls call him, he probably won’t even get  to the top 5 based on singing talent alone. Some people just need to get over it and move on. Natural talent is just what it is – natural, good looking or not, if you can sing naturally, you won’t look like you’re constipating really bad. JS has fans bec she can sing, so can JL and Skylar. Well,,,hopefully, PP gets better soon so those who can’t accept it if he loses won’t use the excuse he didn’t sing as well bec he’s sick. I wish all these kids success and may the “real” talent prevail. Will we see the first Hispanic/Asian AI? 

  9. In my opinion it comes down to who you would pay money to go see in concert. They are both amazing singers but there’s just something about Phillip that makes you really feel his music- its in his whole body… that’s not constipation, its his soul and I LOVE it!!!

  10.  I totally agree.  I believe they will both have long futures, but in terms of who I’d spend my money on it’s been Phillip from day 1.  Jessica is a huge talent, but not something that I gravitate towards.  I don’t think either of them will have any problem finding success regardless of who wins, though. I did love Phillips song, I thought Jessica sang the heck out of her song, but I think everyone will go back to the fact that it may be a bit to old for a 16 year old to make it believable.  Not sure who picks that one, Jimmy maybe, but if so he’s the first one to call foul on that.  Either way it is out of their hands and in ours.  Good luck to both of them!

  11. You are a real idiot !!!!  Would you be so uncaring if it was your child???? Phillip has never complained and continued to sing great.
    Sore throat, SURE !!!  She sure let all know about it,huh?

    Anyway the real American Idol won !!!!

  12. Are you crazy or what? Phillip needs no sympathy votes. He is a real American Idol !!! America has spoken, and I know alot of Grandmas that were voting for him so it was not only teeny boppers voting for him.

  13. Well let’s just hope you never have a  kidney disease. If you do remember , just shut up !!! Could you grin and bear it ??? Phillip needs no sympathy votes. He is the real deal for AMERICAN IDOL !!! Jessica’s screaming is no match for Phillip’s great voice.

  14. I just thought I would point out that Phillip has the number 2 album (AI season recap with all songs) on itunes and number one single.  In addition over the last few days he has had every single song in the top 200, 9 still remain there.  several above #20 all week. Jessica’s AI recap has never moved about #12 on he albums and has only had one single in the top 200 plateauing at #138.  So, while I can say she is wonderful and a beautiful singer, I have to wonder if perhaps her fans spend more time whining about her loss and less time actually supporting her by buying her music and voting for her when it counted. It’s sad really that people can’t just leave it alone, she is going to get a contract and she will be just fine.  If you don’t like Phillip that’s fine, then find a more constructive way to support Jessica.

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