American Idol 2012 Winner Phillip Phillips Surgery Goes Well

American Idol 2012 winner Phillip Phillips finally went under the knife on Wednesday for desperately needed kidney surgery. Phillip Phillips, who won American Idol 2012 in May, battled severe pain all season due to a genetic disorder that causes his body to produce large, unpassable kidney stones.

Phillip Phillips, 21, has needed surgery to remove a buildup of huge kidney stones since he began competing on American Idol 2012. He delayed the kidney surgery because he wanted desperately to finish out the competition. Although he was often in excruciating pain, it paid off in the end when he won American Idol 2012 over petite powerhouse Jessica Sanchez.

The long-delayed kidney surgery was reportedly supposed to take place last week, but Phillip Philips reportedly came down with a sinus infection and fever, which put off his treatment.

The Phillip Phillips surgery finally took place on Wednesday, according to, and reportedly took six and a half hours. The young singer is now “resting” after the long surgery and doing well, according to his rep.

For fans who were worried that the American Idol 2012 winner would not make the American Idols Live tour kick-off in July, his rep says he is still on track to join the rest of the contestants as planned.

According to Phillip Phillips’ father, America has never seen his son actually at his best and he looks forward to his fans seeing how great he can be when he is totally well. “[America’s] just seen a glimpse of what Phillip can do,” his father told People. “We can’t wait to get him well and 100 percent and really see how he can perform.”

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