America’s Got Talent 2012 Live Recap: YouTube Quarterfinals Results

In our America’s Got Talent 2012 live recap for Wednesday night, we’ll find out which of the YouTube quarterfinalists will be selected by the voters to move on to the semifinals. Next week we’ll have the America’s Got Talent 2012 wild card showdown, and then we’ll finally move on to the big semifinals.


This post contains America’s Got Talent 2012 spoilers of the last round of the quarterfinals. Please do not keep reading if you do not want to know what happened!

Last night on America’s Got Talent 2012, the YouTube quarterfinalists were, over all, a rather weak crowd in my opinion — with no real standouts and no wow moments. Personally I wouldn’t give any of them a golden ticket through to the next round of America’s Got Talent 2012. It should be interesting to see which newbies America will decide to vote through to compete with the already chosen America’s Got Talent 2012 semifinalists who have been battling it out all season long.

Join us for our America’s Got Talent 2012 live recap of the YouTube quarterfinalists results show as we find out who will be moving on, and who will have their dreams crushed and smashed into tiny bits!

To kick off the show tonight we have a special guest star straight from the 2012 London Olympics, gold medal winner in gymnastics, Gabby Douglas!

First up to find out their fate for the results show tonight are Cast in Bronze, Academy of Villains, and Reverse Order. America has voted and the act going through from these three is… Academy of Villains!

Justin Bieber fans were gifted with a preview of his new song, “As Long As You Love Me,” while I just wanted to tape up my ears and hum to myself. This is followed by a performance by duo Carmin of Internet fame.

The next three acts to find out if they will be moving forward are Bria Kelly, Rudy Coby, and 7 in Unison. Thankfully, America votes through the best of the three (although that isn’t saying a huge amount)… Bria Kelly.

The Magic of Puck, Eric Buss, and Melinda Hill are next up and from this group we will be seeing… The Magic of Puck once again in the semifinals.

Now we have more time-filler as we watch a day in the life of Howard Stern. Yeah, fun.

Finally we have the last results. Only one more act will be going through from the YouTube quarterfinalists. Will it be Clint Carvahlo and his parrots? Romeo Dance Cheetah? Or Drew Erwin? Well, apparently America thinks there is way more going on with Clint and his birds than I do and they ahve voted the parrots through to the next round.

That’s a wrap for tonight. Stay tuned for our America’s Got Talent 2012 wild card recap next Tuesday here at Bookmark us or friend us on Facebook or Twitter for all our latest TV recaps, celebrity gossip and entertainment news.

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