Britney Rings in a New Decade

Britney turns 30?! How did that happen? We swear she was just 21, in all her poppy princess glory. Yes, we’ve chosen to block out the intervening hot mess, head-shaving, baby-rearing, meltdown-having years. And fortunately she appears to have somewhat emerged on the other side. (Let that be a lesson to you Lindsay Lohan!)

Britney celebrated in a relatively simple way – by ice skating with her boyfriend in Houston. Of course, nothing is ever totally simple for a celeb right of passage. Meanwhile, her famous friends were sending her well-wishes and homemade videos. Kim Kardashian sent her wish via a video on Celebuzz: “Happy birthday to the beautiful Miss Britney Spears! Welcome to the 30’s club, Brit!!”

Lady Gaga, Justin Beieber, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Heidi Klum, Miley Cyrus, Ryan Seacrest and many other sent their fond regards, which Britney no doubt enjoyed reading while hanging out  with her sons Preston, 6, and Jayden, 5.

Britney goes back to South America Saturday for her tour, playing a free show in Mexico City this weekend.


Drama Continues for Sheen – Now With his Ex

Between two divorces, his TV characters, his failed relationships and everything else we should’ve guessed that drama followed Charlie Sheen wherever he went. To prove that point, his ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, is now also making waves. According to the Aspen Times, Brooke was arrested at a nightclub in the ski town. She was charged with “third-degree misdemeanor assault and felony possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.”  In other words – mama got some coke and she was lookin’ to partay!


Brooke posted bond (to the tune or $11K) and was released but ordered to appear back in court on the 19th of the month. We know how the family – including her twin sons with Charlie – loves to celebrate a happy, healthy traditional holiday. So we hope the court date won’t get in the way.


Lady Gaga’s New Video is Part Mini-Documentary

In what’s being billed as one of her darkest videos yet, Lady Gaga turns her newest video, “Marry the NIght,” into a 14-minute mini-documentary showcasing “one of the worst days” of her life. She says it all happened quickly but at the time the day felt agonizing. The film/video opens with Gaga being wheeled along on a gurney. It’s unclear from the clips what exactly put her there but she appears to be in a clinic or insane asylum.

There are a number of spliced-together scenes including one of her destroying her apartment, dying her hair, smashing mirrors and so forth. The song finally begins about eight minutes into the video, and the rest is pretty tame for Lady Gaga but maybe you just have to see it for yourself. Check out the video here.



Star Trek Sequel to Feature SATC Alum

Sex and the City might not seem to go too well with Star Trek, but it appears that J.J. Abams chose Alice Eve – of SATC fame – to star in his newest sci-fi movie, Star Trek 2. There’s not an official deal, but word is that Paramount Pictures will ink a deal with the actress soon.

It’s just not clear who, exactly, Eve will be playing. It looks like the 29-year-old star will make an appearance as an altogether new character in this sequel. Other actresses vying for the part were Teresa Palmer and Hayley Atwell.

And even once this deal is official, there’s still one more role to cast, reportedly for a villain-type character.

The production of “Star Trek 2” is expected to kick off in early 2012 as the film is scheduled to open on May 17, 2013. So we’ll have to subsist on these tidbits of news as we get them, and wait another year and a half before we can see what transpires on-screen.

George Michael Hospitalized, Improving

George Michael has been hospitalized for pneumonia in Vienna but doctors say  he’s improving. The 48-year-old British singer was diagnosed with the sickness this week and forced to cancel the rest of his European tour. Doctors treating Michael said his case put him in intensive care due to “severity and extension” but he is improving steadily with “an impressive regression of pneumonic symptoms and follows a steady rate of improvement as hoped.”

We hope that’s doctor speak for – he’s feeling better and wil lbe back on his feet soon!

The doctors did go on to say that “complete rest … and quiet are mandatory” so we assume that means no more touring. Fortunately, there seem to be no other health issues other than pneumonia as some had originally speculated: “Michael is receiving precisely the same treatment as any ordinary patient in Austria would receive at the hospital for this disease.”


Adele, Nicki Minaj, Kanye Top 2012 Grammy Nominations

She may have gone on hiatus due to some health troubles and throat surgery but Adele didn’t take a hit in her popularity this year. The British singer was nominated for six Grammy Awards last night including for album of the year, record of the year, and song of the year. But it’s Kanye West leading the pack with the highest number of nominations: seven, and many for his collaboration with Jay-Z.

Close behind were the Foo Fighters and Bruno Mars, each with six nominations. Bon Iver, Nicki Minaj, Mumford & Sons and Rihanna each earned four nominations.

Here’s a list of some of the top noms – some new-comers and a few stand-by favorites

For record of the year, nominees were Adele (“Rolling in the Deep”), Bruno Mars (“Grenade”), Bon Iver (“Holocene”), Mumford and Sons (“The Cave”) and Katy Perry (“Firework”).

Album nods go to Adele (21), the Foo Fighters (Wasting Light), Lady Gaga (Born this Way), Bruno Mars (Doo-Wops & Hooligans), and Rihanna (Loud).

Vying for Song of the Year: Kanye West and Rihanna (“All of the Lights”), Mumford and Sons (“The Cave”), Bruno Mars (“Grenade”), Bon Iver (“Holocene”) and Adele (“Rolling in the Deep”).

Yes, for some reason Rihanna keeps sneaking her way in there; hopefully this is the year that someone with real talent trumps her pop appeal.

Beyonce Due Date Earlier Than Expected

Either Beyonce is really bad at math or her February due date was just a ruse (although both are totally possible). Of course there were a couple assumptions made on the part of her fans and the tabloids. Apparently when she announced her pregnancy at the VMA’s people assumed she was about three months pregnant, but she was actually much farther along than that.

Behind-the-scenes footage from her “Countdown” music video shoot shows her holding a newspaper with the date September 23rd and saying: “Right now I’m actually shooting the video for ‘Countdown’ and I’m six months pregnant, pretending that my stomach is flat in body suits. But thank god you can’t really tell from the front, but when I turn to the side.” Doing the math, that would make her due … NEXT MONTH!

Camouflaging a pregnancy at SIX MONTHS? That costume artist should win an award.