Big Brother 12: Head of Household and Nominations Recap

Big Brother 12 this year is starting to seem a bit like watching a science-fiction movie about people stuck in a time loop. Week after the week, the same Houseguests end up in the spotlight. The same drama keeps flaring up and the same demonic redhead keeps invading our nightmares after every show.

Big Brother 12 Brendon and Rachel
Brendon and Rachel (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

At the end of the last episode, Big Brother 12 fans were left wondering who would end up winning the Head of Household competition. The Houseguests were tasked with holding on to the side of a giant, spinning paint can while being blasted with a slippery paint-like substance and whacked with a giant paintbrush.

We thought it might be one of those truly epic endurance contests from Big Brother shows past, with the Houseguests hanging on for hours and hours. Unfortunately, this season’s Houseguests are pretty much wimps all around.

Big Brother 12 Houseguests
Big Brother 12 Houseguests compete

One by one, the Houseguests took a dive, leaving only Ragan and Matt to battle it out. In the end, Ragan copped out once again, giving the competition to Matt just like he did in the last endurance contest.

So Matt is Head of Household once more, but this week that position in the house involves a lot more power than ever. Matt was given the opportunity to open Pandora’s Box – which, of course he did. Opening the box gave Matt a huge prize, a Diamond Power of Veto. He can use it any time in the next two elimination rounds to save someone from the block and replace them with someone else.

Opening Pandora’s Box, however, also unleashed a new Saboteur in the Big Brother house. Fans voted to offer the new Saboteur position to Ragan, which he nervously accepted for the chance to win $20,000 if he makes it through the next two evictions.

Big Brother 12 Saboteur
Big Brother 12 Saboteur (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

With Matt as the new HOH, it is virtually certain who he will choose for elimination and he doesn’t pull out any surprises during the Nomination Ceremony. Brendon and Rachel are up on the block together and only a miracle is going to save them this time.

We’re pretty sure most people want Rachel out more than Brendon, but Brendon swears he’d rather have Rachel stay in the house than get the prize at the end of the game himself. We think he is nuts. We’ll have to wait until the Power of Veto ceremony to see if either of them get saved, but we’re betting it isn’t going to happen. [SPOILER: Check out who won the POV contest here.]

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