Brad Pitt Stuntman Stabbed With Bayonet on Fury Movie Set

A Brad Pitt stuntman on the set of the star’s new movie Fury was rushed to the hospital after being stabbed with a bayonet for real. We guess Brad Pitt is probably thinking he is glad right now he wasn’t doing his own stunts for this film! Luckily, the injuries to the stuntman were not serious and he is expected to be just fine.

Brad Pitt stuntman fury

“At 11:41 AM today we were called to a film set having been told a man had been stabbed,” Thames Valley Police spokesperson Rebecca Webber said, according to The Oxford Times. “He had an injury to his shoulder and was taken to hospital for treatment.” The incident occurred during filming in Oxfordshire, Britain for the Second World War movie Fury, which stars Brad Pitt in the lead role.

“There has been an accident between two professional stuntmen which happened in a rehearsed action sequence,” Fury production company spokesperson Claudia Kalindjian said. “It was an accident. It is obviously very unfortunate.”

Although the unidentified stuntman was reportedly airlifted to a hospital, thankfully it appears the injuries to the 35-year-old British man were not serious. “He left the set laughing and talking,” Kalindjian said. Filming was only briefly interrupted and star Brad Pitt was not directly involved in the accident.

Fury, directed by David Ayer and starring Brad Pitt, Shia LeBeouf and Jon Bernthal, features the story of an American tank crew behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Prior to the accidental stabbing accident, villagers nearby had been warned not to panic over “loud and unexpected noises,” including a large amount of fake gunfire.

The incident is currently under investigation. Fury is set to be released in November 2014.

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