Bret Michaels Condition Definitely Better Sister Says

Bret Michaels‘ condition is definitely better, sister Michelle Sychak says. A press conference on Bret Michaels’ condition, prognosis and treatment is expected to be held later today in Phoenix, AZ.

Bret Michaels (Photo: Matt Becker, - Wikimedia Commons)
Bret Michaels (Photo: Matt Becker, - Wikimedia Commons)

In a radio interview with the Todd n Tyler Radio Empire show on Monday, Bret Michaels’ sister, Michelle Sychak, said her brother was “definitely doing better – he was kind of getting up and starting to walk a bit… because they don’t want the blood to clot.”

Bret Michaels has been in intensive care at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix since he suffered a brain hemorrhage on April 22. Michaels’ doctors credit the former Poison front man’s “sheer will to live and fully recover” for his survival and progress so far. Sychak says Michaels still has issues he has to overcome on the road to recovery, however.

“What’s happening is all that blood in his brain is starting to drain, and he’s starting to have a lot of back pain,” Sychak says. Even so, Sychak says her brother is eager to get out of the hospital and back to his life.

Bret Michaels’ reps are hopeful about the singer’s rapid recovery, planning for him to return to touring as early as May 26. It has been speculated Michaels might also be well enough to attend the live Celebrity Apprentice finale on May 23. Michaels’ sister remains optimistic, but cautions that her brother isn’t ready to get back to business just yet.

“Obviously, if he’s up and moving, that’s great, but honestly it’s not going to surprise me if he’s still in the ICU on Friday,” she says. “I think [the doctors are] having a problem really getting the bleeding. … Even though they’ve sort of caught it, I think there are some issues with them really stopping and figuring out the source. That’s why [there’s] back pain.”

Michaels’ doctors have scheduled a press conference for 12 PM on Tuesday to discuss his condition and prognosis.

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  1. My family prayed for him and his family..We all loved him on Celebrity Apprentice..He is strong and will recover…WE LOVE YOU BRET

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