Bret Michaels Hospital Condition Still Critical After Brain Hemorrhage

Celebrity Apprentice star Bret Michaels remains in critical condition after being diagnosed with a massive brain hemorrhage on Thursday. Michael’s father, Wally Sycheck, says doctors believe the brain hemorrhage may be complications of the former Poison frontman’s diabetes.

Bret Michaels (publicity photo)
Bret Michaels (publicity photo)

Wally Sycheck told he spoke to Bret Michaels on Friday morning. “He sounded upbeat and positive but they had him sedated,” Sycheck said. “But he’s doing good. He sounded like my son.”

On Saturday, Michaels’ rep said the singer “remains in critical condition at an undisclosed location. Future tests are being run and information will be updated in the coming days.”

Michaels had an emergency appendectomy earlier this month and doctors reportedly believe that may have been caused by his diabetes as well.

“We’re all keeping our fingers crossed and saying our prayers,” Sychek said. “He just needs to be quiet and keep rested.

Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump said he will keep Michaels spot on the show open. “He’s a great competitor and champion and I hope he will be fine,” Trump said in a press statement.

We wish Michaels well and hope for his speedy recovery.

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