Brooke Mueller Wants to Save Marriage to Charlie Sheen

After claiming husband Charlie Sheen threatened her with a knife, Brooke Mueller apparently still wants to save her marriage. Mueller has reportedly asked the court to alter the restraining order taken out against Sheen so she can contact him to hash things out.

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen

Sheen was taken into police custody on Christmas morning and charged with second-degree assault, menacing and criminal mischief. Mueller said in a 911 call to police that Sheen had threatened her with a knife and she was scared for her life. Sheen is scheduled to appear in court on the charges in February.

Brooke Mueller’s lawyer told his client wants to talk to Charlie Sheen “so they can work on resolving the conflicts in their marriage.” As for the whole domestic dispute incident leading to Sheen’s arrest, Mueller’s attorney says it was all just the result of “one bad night.”

Calling 911 and reporting your husband has a knife and you’re afraid he’s going to kill you is certainly a pretty bad night in our book. We think maybe these two might need a bit more time to cool off before they get too close to each other – and sharp kitchen instruments – again.

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